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DreamBoyBondage - DBB - Darrell

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DescriptionPART 1
Darrel is a teenage gang-banger wanna-be looking to enhance his street cred by breaking into a rich guy's house. But he picks exactly the wrong place to rob. He stumbles into a large room containing whips, ropes and a video camera. "What the fuck. This is some kinky shit," he says to himself. Suddenly the room is pitch black and Darrel feels strong hands on his body and a rag over his mouth. He wakes up spread-eagle and helpless.

"I'd call the police if you weren't so damn pretty," the man says, stroking the boy's firm body. "Get off me!" Darrel screams as the man's hand moves to his dick. Then he sees the whip. "I'm gonna make you pay," the man says coldly. "Please, no," Darrel begs as he's gagged with his own shirt. The whipping goes on and on, with short breaks so the man can caress the thief's nicely warmed skin.

Darrel, barely 18, can't believe what is happening to him. He's chained to a wooden platform, spread-eagle, naked and helpless. The whipping was unbelievably painful, but Darrel's punishment has just begun. His chest, abs and balls are smacked with a crop. His nipples are attacked with clothespins. Then a metal cuff is attached to his balls and he feels himself being lifted off the table. "Oh, God, no!"

Darrel's nipples scream in pain as four household clothespins crush their super-sensitive nerve endings. Then the man clamps additional pins on his abs. "Nooo!" Darrel moans, but the attack on his most sensitive areas has just begun. A plastic clamp with a much stronger spring is clipped to his balls; then a second one goes right on the tip of his dick! Even with a gag, Darrel's screams are deafening.

Darrel soon realizes that the pain of removing clothespins is actually worse than putting them on. Slapping and whipping his bruised nipples is even more painful. Poor boy, if only he wasn't so beautiful, the man would have let him go. But this lean, muscular teenager will suffer much more for many weeks, even after he pumps out a huge load of cum on command. He is now a sex slave. More later.

Darrell has been kept locked-up in a cell, chained and nearly naked, for weeks. He hears other boys screaming and moaning as they are dragged into the dungeon and tortured, but they are never around for more than a day or two. Finally, he is taken to the same brown room he broke into. The wooden table is gone, but his wrists and ankles are shackled to a strange steel bar. He knows he is to be tortured, but he doesn't know how.

Darrel's arms and legs spread simultaneously until he is lifted off the ground and his body forms a perfect X. The position is unbearable. His upper-body bears his full weight and his legs feel like they will be pulled lose. "Let me down! You're tearing me in half!" the boy pleads, but the man won't give an inch. As a matter of fact, he actually adds to Darrel's suffering with some special little tricks.

Our young gang-banger hangs limp, his body shuddering from his full-day of torture. We cut him down and give him an hour to recover, then bolt him to a wall. Standing hyper-erect for hours is very painful, and Darrel is soon begging for mercy. "Show me some cum, boy, and I'll take you down," the man says as he frees a hand. Darrel pumps out three huge loads of cum like only a teenager can. But he's bolted right back up — for the night.
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