♺ CockyBoys - The Talented Ashton Webber (mp4)

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Original upload: 2013-02-03 |
CockyBoys - The Talented Ashton Webber
February 2, 2013

Ashton Webber is unlike any guy you've ever met.  He's a thin hunk with big muscles, piercing blue eyes, and a cock that's so big that it can barely fit inside all the jockstraps he owns!  And Ashton loooves jockstraps! He told us there's nothing more he likes than stripping down in the locker room at the gym and showing off his thick ass and tight bulge.  Sometimes he'll even get the other jocks to fuck him right then and there. The more Ashton played with his cock in his jockstrap, the more we learned about him.  He loves to bottom but is also turned on by flip-fucking, he loves the taste of cum, and his dick is so long that he can actually fuck his own hole!  Of course we said we'd believe it when we see it, so imagine our surprise when he stripped naked, somehow turned his entire hard cock upside down, and stuck the head of his dick snugly between his crack... This talented gentleman will be sure to knock your pants off.  After he performed that little stunt, we continued to be amazed as he rammed a dildo up his ass, flipped over, and came in his own face.  By the end, he was literally covered in his own cum from head to toe.  If he can do all that in just a solo scene, I can't wait to see what he can do with a partner!

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