♺ NSYM Eating Dimetri's load

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-10-23 |
Meet Dimetri! He has lived in NYC for the past 5 years. He grew up in Eastern Europe, playing soccer mostly. He is hot, athletic, straight guy who is hairy in all the right places!

Since moving to New York, he is a jack of all trades, he bartends, does construction jobs, he has painted houses and chased many girls. He is very much a ladies man, but he getting serious about one in particular.

One of the other things that Dimetri loves is blowjobs! He says he wishes he could get 5 or 6 blowjobs a day. No woman has that stamina, so now he has resorted to lettings guys suck his cock.

What he didn't know was, that he was in for the best blowjob of his life....the toe curling kind! Dimetri was completely lost in the talent that Trey exhibited and blew his load right into Trey's mouth!
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