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DescriptionYou won't have any lava left after Eruption! Shot near the active volcano Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii, Eruption delivers two full hours of hard bodies fueled by tropical steam. This lush masterpiece is the most seminal work of director Bruce Cam's career, and the chemistry between the cast of nine men redefines the meaning of paradise. In a salty tidepool, Dean Coulter feasts on Eduardo's foreskin before a pounding fuck releases the swelling pressure within. Peter Wilder and Austin Masters take a detour from jungle hiking to show their versatility by switching off in a heated give-and-take. On a remote jungle trail, stunning Maleek plunges his throbbing cock into Pierce Vendetta's ass. Coulter encores with a steamy solo, and husky and hairy island idol Keith Webb splatters his cum over two youths who worship him amidst some crumbling ruins. While no virgins were sacrificed in the making of Eruption, the island spirits were undoubtedly pleased. Nasty, rough, and constantly boiling over.

1. Dean Coulter, Eduardo
The chemistry between these men redefines the meaning of paradise. As Eruption opens, Eduardo introduces us to the pleasures of island heat. Materializing in the morning mist, Eduardo emerges spirit-like amidst a palm grove. With machete in hand and an uncut thickness between his legs, he splits open a coconut to feast on the tender flesh inside. Unsatisfied, his appetite only increases as Dean Coulter approaches and begins to chew his foreskin. Coulter instinctively kicks back on a nearby slab of rock so that Eduardo can work his hole using his talented tongue and dick. After working up a sand-covered sweat, they wash each other in a nearby tidepool before picking up where they left off. Towering over his latest meal, Eduardo shoots a load that even he cannot resist lapping up from Coulter’s stomach. He generously slides back inside the hungry bottom, who soon finds release from the swelling pressure within.
found in compilation Muscle Bear: The Best of Beefy, Hairy TitanMen

2. Austin Masters, Peter Wilder
Peter Wilder and Austin Masters continue the pace as they take a detour from their jungle hiking expedition. Switching off in a heated give-and-take, the versatility of these tightly muscled men provides loads of fun.
They take turns pounding each other ocean side, building intensity with the rhythm of the crashing waves. At a point of near-exhaustion, Peter cradles Austin’s head, working his pecs until Austin pumps out thick streams across his hairy abs. Masters returns the favor by squatting on Peter’s face, promptly sending him over the edge.

3. Malleek, Pierce Vendetta
Pierce Vendetta gets more than he bargained for as he bikes along a remote jungle trail. Passing Maleek, who is too good to pass up, Vendetta doubles back to offer his services. Maleek quickly decides that a blowjob just isn’t enough. Sizing up Maleek’s impressive natural resource, Pierce ambitiously decides it’s time to ride more than his bike that afternoon. Taking a seat, he uncontrollably spills a load onto Maleek’s chest.
Deciding to head off the now-beaten path, they scout a new location to resume the fun. Maleek throws Pierce’s legs over his shoulders and wastes no time plunging into his tattooed ass. Pierce gets off again, and Maleek follows suit after scooping up Vendetta’s cum and feeding it to him

4. Dean Coulter solo
The camera next catches up to Dean Coulter, just finishing an ocean swim. Coulter pulls his tanned muscle out of the water to kick back and enjoy the solitude. His mind soon wanders to past excursions at sea, and he begins to stroke himself thinking of the oral service he once provided Keith Webb. Remembering the taste of Keith’s dick and the smell of his sweaty nuts, veins begin to bulge across Coulter’s biceps. His chest begins to heave, his eyes roll back, and his legs spread wide to make way for a load that he rubs across his body.

5. Ethan Payne, Keith Webb, Michael Vincenzo
The preview of Keith Webb in Coulter’s memory later gives way to Webb’s spiritlike emergence from crumbling ruins. Haunting and seductive, he looks on as the forms of Michael Vincenzo and Ethan Payne solidify from thin air. Payne and Vincenzo approach each other to meet in a deep kiss that lasts until Webb’s commanding presence intervenes. Payne takes the cue, dropping to his knees in awe of Webb’s tool. Initially hesitant, Vincenzo eases into the action until both he and Webb end up taking turns on Ethan’s hole. The lean bottom ends up covered in cum as Vincenzo pops two loads across Ethan’s chest in a matter of minutes and Webb drops a splattering load from above. They savor the mess briefly before treading down to the beach for a playful cleanup.

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