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Surrender to Deviance - Stag Homme

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Scene 1: Damien Crosse & Dato Foland

The entwined bodies of Damien Crosse and Dato Foland burst through a closed door. Grappling like wrestlers, they struggle to embrace and strip at the same time, ultimately collapsing on a chair. Finally throwing off their clothing, Damien grabs Dato?s cock and Dato grabs a camera to film himself getting sucked. Damien slurps noisily on Dato?s fat uncut cock, looking directly into the camera and squeezing Dato?s balls. Dato?s skin is the color of cinnamon, and he has a slightly furry chest and well-defined abs. He sets the camera aside to take a more active role in guiding Damien?s head and fucking his face. When Damien?s throat needs relief, he turns Dato 180 degrees and eats his ass. For a guy who?s been making porn for almost a decade, Damien keeps his body in awesome condition. His abs get a workout when he?s on his back getting fucked. After three positions, both studs are ready to cum. Dato aims his cock at Damien?s face and blows all over; Damien has spooge dripping from his lips, coming out of his nose and coating his eyebrows, not to mention what?s in his mouth.

Scene 2: Damien Crosse & Anonymous Model #1

Stag Homme?s notorious ?30 Loads of Facials? series is the world?s nastiest ongoing miniseries, and this scene is from season 3. Damien Crosse is under a highway overpass filled with litter a graffiti. He?s fully clothed, but jacking off, waiting to see whom he might attract. Before long, a slender fellow in white shorts approaches, stopping inches away from Damien. We never see this fellow?s face. Without missing a beat, Damien begins to kiss his chest, starting with the nipples and working his way down. When Damien reaches the waistband of the guy?s pants, he yanks them down and begins to suck his cock. Damien?s prey is slim and toned, with flat abs. Every now and then he will grab Damien?s head. He spits in Damien?s mouth and jams both balls into Damien?s mouth, along with his cock. They separate and jack off. The anonymous fellow yanks Damien?s shorts down and sticks a finger in his ass. When the young stud is about to cum, Damien kneels and takes his load on the chin.

Scene 3: Goran & Xavi

Venture ?Into the Woods? with Bulgarian heartthrob Goran and the delectable Basque, Xavi. This outdoor fuck is all about masculine beauty. Goran and Xavi hike to a remote, sun-dappled stream surrounded by greenery. Welcoming each other to this garden of Eden with soft kisses, they undress. Goran is the darker of the two, with hard, pumped muscles and a tan line. Xavi is more sculpted, with the beginnings of a beard. Both men have plenty of tattoos. These studs take turns showcasing their cocksucking skills. Sweat and spit make their cocks and bodies glisten in the mountain sunshine. This is a special day for Xavi, who has never been fucked. Goran uses his tongue to prepare the way, plunging it rapidly into the virgin cavity before entering Xavi from behind, while Xavi clings to a huge boulder. An overhead shot shows rippling muscles straining against each other, with Goran providing the driving momentum and Xavi adding equal counterthrust. Xavi?s first fuck ends when Goran unleashes a massive amount of thick cum onto his face, with a dessert of warm piss.

Scene 4: Francesco D?Macho & Leo Domenico

?Leo Under the Sun? marks the Stag Homme debut of handsome Leo Domenico. He?s enjoying the sunshine in a hot tub on a rooftop patio, while white sheets billow on the clothesline. Leo is smooth and broad-shouldered, with hairy legs and 8 uncut inches, which he is briskly stroking. Suddenly Francesco D?Macho pops out of the water and helps himself to Leo?s cock, which is fat and has a slight curve to it. Francesco?s muscled chest is unwaxed. He stands and they play lazily with their cocks while they kiss. For a while they simply take turns sucking each other?s cocks, enjoying the sun?s warmth on their bodies and the warmth of their partner?s mouth on their cocks. They move into the shade of a nearby cabana for fucking. Francesco kneels and bends over, and Leo delivers a robust standing fuck augmented by Francesco?s groans and the slap-slap sound of every bumping, grinding, thrust. A conveniently situated cot allows them to finish more comfortably, with Francesco on his back. He delivers a massive cumshot onto his abs, which Leo matches.

Scene 5: Damien Crosse & Anonymous Model #2

Stag Homme?s notorious ?30 Loads of Facials? series is the world?s nastiest ongoing miniseries, and this scene is from season 3. Casa de Campo is a huge green park in the heart of Madrid, and a notorious cruising ground. It?s where Damien stalks his next prey. Damien pulls out his cock and pisses, then he positions himself in a sunny clearing, lowers his jeans a few inches, pushes the hem of his t-shirt up to show his pecs and abs, and starts to jack off. A black guy stops to look, going so far as to pull out his own cock. Then he loses interest and moves away. Unwilling to let a promising trick escape, Damien follows him, continuing to jack off. The trick stops again, and looks. There?s a bike path a few yards behind Damien, with riders, as well as an overhead tram, but Damien ignores them. He stares at the object of his lust as if eye contact could render him immobile, stroking until he cums. Then he leaps toward the fellow he?s been following, grabs him and starts to suck. This is pure sexual gratification for Damien; his only interest is in bringing this guy to orgasm. Victory is achieved when the trick shoots a heavy load all over Damien?s face.
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