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BG East - Gazebo Grapplers 17 - Kid Karisma vs Zach Reno

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DescriptionObey and Suffer

Sexy Zach Reno set off somewhat of a seismic reaction when he made his BG East debut. Fans and wrestlers alike couldn't stop talking about the rookie's hard body and curly locks which give the handsome young hunk more than a passing resemblance to Michelangelo's David. There was no shortage of wrestlers eager to get their hands on this sculpted boy, but it was of course Kid Karisma who didn't bother waiting his turn. He simply ambushed Zach when the hot, hairy hunk was working out in between sanctioned matches.

"Look at the cave man in here!" Kid Karisma laughs mockingly upon finding the hot young work of art with a hairy torso, shaggy beard, and unruly mop of long curly hair as the hunk does stomach crunches in The Gazebo. Kid Karisma strikes a stunning contrast with the hirsute rookie. Pale and smooth as sculpted marble, he is in peak physical condition. His multi-award winning ass is a work of art all on its own, stretching the tolerances of his turquoise trunks defiantly. The indy star's shiny purple pro trunks make for some colorful viewing - and for some easy grabbing for the tit-for-tat wedgie war which ensues later!

"Why do you gotta be in here mouthing off when I'm doing my crunches, bro? They told me I could have the gazebo to myself for a while" Zach growls at the interruption. Kid Karisma dismisses the rookie's fitness out of hand, showing off his own sculpted physique instead. In an instant, the veteran heel goes on attack, controlling the flat footed rookie in a neck wrenching full nelson. Zach's hot, hairy torso writhes. His mop of hair falls across his face. He moans in primal protest of being immediately and effortlessly subdued.

The veteran heel manhandles and manipulates the rookie and new fan favorite, prying him apart piece by piece and studying every bulge and crevice of the hot young cave man. An inverted, reverse bearhug enables Kid Karisma to take a long, lingering look at Zach's quivering package. He parades the raw rookie humiliatingly around The Gazebo, bending his body to his will and demonstrating his complete mastery of the muscled freshman's acclaimed physique. Another pro boy gets a eye-opening lesson in BG-style action as Kid K asserts his increasingly deadly dominance!

There's no mistaking the carnal pleasure Kid Karisma experiences as he takes full possession of his writhing opponent. The vicious heel slowly winds his fingers through those long, unruly locks, repeatedly dragging the suffering stud up by his hair, his screams echoing across Lake BG East. Bearhugs are little more than excuses to grind his crotch hard against Zach's suffering ass. Trapping Zach's hairy head between his massive, alabaster thighs, Kid Karisma demands that the vaunted hunk feel the power of his quads crushing his skull. Kneeling at the heel's feet, stuck but good in a totally humiliating standing headscissors, Zach has only two options, obey or suffer more.

Strike that. Kid Karisma gives him just one option. Obey AND suffer more. Both battlers treat fans to mouthwatering wedgies even as Zach's sizzling body goes limp in Kid Karisma's suffocating "kiss of death." It's hard to say which is sexier, Zach's body writhing in agony or his slack muscles completely subdued and unconscious beneath Kid Karisma's humiliating crotch pin - or Kid K's award-winning glorious glutes. We are certain that this match will set off all new seismic reactions in the hearts and crotches of wrestling fans everywhere! Here's a hot match to cure you of the winter doldrums!
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