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I had to get checked out in the school clinic before I could send my wrestlers in to get checked out. The doctor came in and had me get up on the bed to get examined. Then, he had me take off my shirt so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. I dropped my shirts so that the doctor could fill to make sure that I was ok and didn't have a problem. Examining my cock he started to fill my balls to make sure that there were no lumps and feeling my shaft actually was able to get me fully hard. Dr. Swallowcock lowered his mouth down to my cock and began to give me head. He seemed to be a pro at it. Licking my balls he kept going and was playing with my cock for a while. Stroking my cock he made sure keep me hard and was actually able to swallow my whole cock in his mouth. I wasn't going to pass up getting head from the doctor or anyone for that matter. I started to squeeze the doctor's ass as he was servicing my cock and making me moan. I was glad that the doctor was able to keep going for so long, and I put my hand on the back of his had and placed him down at the speed I liked. For a while there I didn't know if I was going to be able to cum or not from him trying to get me off. However, it didn't take me long after he started really concentrating on the head of my penis. I started to have my orgasm and as I always do, I made a lot of noise. The doctor's face was right their with my penis and I shot my load on his face. I always love to give someone a facial it is dirty, nasty and fun all at the same time. The doctor said that I passed the exam with flying colors.
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