Island Studs - Kona

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Kona is the popular beach town on the Big Island of Hawaii famous for growing coffee AND the name of a beefy Hawaiian surfer born & raised there. This real local boy is hapa Hawaiian / Spanish and sports thick soccer thighs from years of high school soccer! Like Jesse, he has an unusually sexy boy beard which gives him a very masculine look! It is rare to see a Hawaiian with facial hair, but Kona is 50% Mexican and proud of his Latino roots. He also honors his Polynesian ancestry with traditional tattoos on his left pec and shoulder. An avid surfer and student, Kona is in the sea whenever he has time away from his college studies.  Like Kawika, this soft spoken Island boy has a thick Hawaiian body. He is friendly, humble and not opposed to hard work.  Watch him get all soapy as he scrubs the outdoor deck on his hands and knees totally naked.  His heavy nut sack dangles between this muscled thighs as he works! Kona confesses that he enjoys being naked outside and it is apparent he LOVES jerking his impressive thick Hawaiian dick.  Kona really likes being balls out in the sun!  See his brown cock throb as he releases it in the open air.  Check out his cum shot!  Like Kekoa, Kona "goes the distance" and unloads multiple massive squirts high in the air while standing in the garden. Like many local Island Studs, Kona can be found on popular surf beaches wearing only his board shorts and freeballing in the warm Pacific Ocean!

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