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BG East: Iron Men 1- Jonny Firestorm vs Jobe Zander (Smaller size, one combined file)

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Description** Not a duplicate.  Re-sized the video currently uploaded so it is a much more manageable size, and combined the four files into a single mp4 **

Part I: Orientation: Learning the Ropes

“You set me up,” Jobe Zander the self-styled “Centerpiece” raged after his debut beating at the hands of Cole Cassidy, slamming his fists down on The Boss’ desk. “What kind of fly-by-night promotion is this anyway? I show up expecting a goddamned orientation and I get slammed by some two bit punk cheap shot artist you call a fucking wrestler? I am a goddamned STAR and should be treated like one!”

Ask and you shall receive is The Boss’ motto (that is, providing it suits His plans and/or whims...) so Jobe’s ‘orientation’ is arranged. And who better to introduce Mr. Centerpiece to the ways of all things BGEast than young pro hot-shot and Gay Games medalist Jonny?

It’s easy to understand why Jonny has emerged as a major BGE luminary—he’s a good looking youngster with a chiseled rock hard body which wrestling trunks fit to like a glove. Each day he shows up at the BGE compound and gets a flip-chart list of chores from The Boss (or a surrogate...) and he goes to work—often even whistling a happy tune. He’s just finishing up cleaning the ring when sequin-caped Jobe arrives for his ‘orientation’—and is none too pleased to discover that that’s the LAST chore on Jonny’s list. This is too MUCH for the self-styled superstar, and not even his love affair with the mirror (“which,” he crows as he gazes into it, “has never looked so good”) can distract him from this LATEST perceived insult. Jonny is just not deferential enough for his liking. Enraged, Jobe leaps out of the ring and moves ‘orientation’ to the top of Jonny’s chore list, and then attacks the youngster!

Jonny is completely caught off guard, and soon Jobe has him sprawled in the center of the ring. Apparently, it’s only a cheap shot in JobeWorld when it’s directed at you! Jobe scores a couple of 3 counts, crowing triumphantly and heads over to Jonny’s flip chart. He tears up Jonny’s list of chores. He writes IRON MAN across the top of a new sheet of paper, underlines it, and then writes “JOBE” on one side, putting tick marks down for the pins he’s ‘earned,’ and then writes "LOSER" on the other side, before heading back into the ring to work over his fallen opponent some more.

PART II: Giving the Man His Props

But Jonny, no matter what Jobe may think, isn’t just some janitor—as his fans will attest. He’s fast and he knows what he’s doing—he doesn’t train with The Boss just for shits and giggles. And his Gay Games medal was earned, not bought at the souvenir stand. Conversely, The Boss doesn’t just train anyone—and it takes a special breed to survive the mysterious ‘initiation’ into The Leopard’s Lair…and Jonny has that certain something the Boss likes. Call it star potential, call it whatever you want to—The Boss is never wrong (just ask him). And sure enough, quicker than you can say “ouch” Jonny’s turned the tables on Jobe and wrung a few brutal submissions out of the cocky stud. Now it’s Jonny’s turn to go out of the ring and put some tick marks under his name—after of course, crossing out ‘loser’ and writing ‘Jonny’ instead.

Unfortunately for Jonny, Jobe’s arrogance isn’t all just hot air. The man knows how to wrestle, and he is burning with indignation at being treated as just another wrestler in the BGEast stable—and he’s decided this young ‘janitor’ is just the person for him to vent his spleen on. Jonny spent too much time correcting the list, and gave Jobe enough time to pull himself together—and he’s ready when Jonny tries to get back in the ring. So the janitor knows his way around the ring? Okay, maybe some low blows will put the ‘Centerpiece’ back over the top! And he has quite a few dirty tricks for ball torture in his arsenal, and pulls out the nastiest of them to torment poor Jonny! Give the man his due—he sure knows a lot of adventurous ways to rack a guy! And after Jonny has croaked out a few more submissions, Jobe decides that his fists, feet and the ropes aren’t quite enough to destroy the kid! He brings in the flip chart—and the red marker he’s been using to slam the kid around with—and the marker is just the right size for some ball slams… But it's not over yet...

Every wrestler knows that pain is a part of the sport. It tests your endurance, it tests your strength, it tests your resolve, it tests your character. Sometimes the pain is so intense it is all you are aware of. Sometimes the pain lasts for days after a match; every muscle and joint in your body aching so badly you just want to stay in bed. The key to success is being able to work through the pain, to somehow funnel that pain into adrenaline and focus—because if you don’t, you might as well give up right then and there.

Jonny is no quitter, you can see the resolve burning in his eyes. There’s no cheaper shot than working your opponent’s balls—and you better make sure you’ve finished him off or it could come back to you—in spades. Jobe has apparently never learned the Rule of 3—that what you put out comes back to you threefold— it’s a lesson Jonny is more than willing to teach The Centerpiece! Jonny also knows how to make use of foreign objects—and soon it’s Jobe screaming in agony as the angry young man starts taking this ‘orientation’ a bit more seriously than maybe The Boss intended—but then, you never know with The Boss…

Jonny is capable of turning himself into a one-man demolition crew (just ask poor Andy Hammer!) and his vicious side, deceptively hidden beneath that boyishly handsome face, comes to the fore. “I submit! I submit!” Jobe screams at one point, his body twisted into a human pretzel—all that’s missing is the salt. “Say I quit,” Jonny growls.

As the match wears on, its apparent—someone is not walking out of the ring. In fact, the loser of this match might have to be CARRIED out… And someone is going to have to finish cleaning the ring—or The Boss (aka "He Who Must Be Obeyed") won’t be happy.
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