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AD - Shawn II & Tim II

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DescriptionWe're back tonight and Mike has brought back his new buddy Shawn that we met in Wednesday's War Chest Update along with one of my all-time Mike favorite finds, Tim.  Oh, I could go on and on about Tim.  Such a hot one this guy is.  I swear it's a good thing that Mike is able to keep Tim locked up and at least a thousand miles away from me.  I could do some seriously dirty things with that boy.  But anyway, I'm sure you'd much rather hear and see what Shawn did with Tim.

When we first met Shawn it was pretty obvious we had a willing participant on our hands as we heard the story about him and his buddy he used to get sucked off by and who he'd top on occasion.  So, it's no surprise that after Mike introduced Shawn to Tim that he'd be willing to take things to the next level.  But, let's find out exactly what that entails for our self-proclaimed "top" man Shawn and what my favorite little cutie, Tim, can convince him to do---or vice-versa.  These days you can never tell who's gonna be the aggressor and who's gonna be the submissive one, you just have to let things take their course.

That's exactly what Mike does as he leaves these two alone for a bit to let things begin to unfold.  As soon as Mike is out the door, these two are playing with their cock's through their jeans and the wandering eye syndrome takes over as they both sneak peeks at the others package, waiting for the unveiling with eager enthusiasm.  Tim takes off his shirt and Shawn follows his lead, except Shawn takes things a bit further and reaches over and grabs Tim's cock and starts stroking it.  Tim obliges by doing the same.  I don't know about you, but I can see Shawn's mouth watering as he tells Tim he wants to suck on that cock.  But before the sucking starts, there's plenty of touchy feely.

Tim can't get his underwear off fast enough for Shawn who is down between his legs going to town on that dick before you can say "Suck it, bitch." And suck it is exactly what Shawn does---and quite like a pro I might add.  It makes you wonder how many cocks Shawn has sucked.  If he's never had a cock in his mouth before today, he's though about it enough to already make him a pro.

Tim approves!  Shawn must be hitting all the right spots because Tim is letting him know just how damn good it feels as Shawn shows off his skills with no hands.  I would suggest not trying this at home, troops, unless you want a soldier to blow his fat load in your mouth pretty damn quick and intense.  This is how you get your fellow soldier standing at full attention.  Shawn has Tim's highest approval as he whispers to his cock sucker just how damn good each stroke of his tongue feels all over Tim's cock.

A sixty-nine position unfolds between these two that Mike should have had the local fire department standing on the sidelines for because it was hot enough to throw enough sparks to catch the room on fire.  They go at this for a bit and Tim finally wants to know if our "top" man Shawn is ready to try taking some cock up his ass for a change.  It doesn't take long to get Shawn to say yes and before you can say, "bend over bitch", Tim has him straddled across the bed with his ass in the air as Tim slowly drives his dick deep into Shawn's ass balls deep, hitting that spot inside of Shawn that makes him cry out, "ohhhh you lucky bastard".  Tim agrees he's pretty lucky so he wastes no time taking full advantage of this lucky position as he fucks the living daylights out of Shawn's tight ass.

Before he's done, Tim is slamming in and out of Shawn's tight ass, giving him the fucking of his life as we hear Tim's hips slap against Shawn's cheeks nice and loud.  Tim is asking if Shawn likes it and in between moans Shawn is saying, "Oh yeah!".

You don't want to miss the ending  of this one, troops, as it's a perfect way to end the perfect hot fuck session between these two studs.

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