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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-03-31 by unknown |

Deliciously hunky Lane Fuller heads this military-themed flick.
-Keeneye Reeves

Military queen Yates is at it yet again, exploiting an absolutely poultry-young batch of All Worlds Video exclusive boys for our pud-pulling pleasure. During wartime stress, two young bucks in a ditch do the ritual straight-boy thing: "I need pussy, man." (Blah blah blah.) Soon enough they're talking 'bout their experiences with dick.
And sucking it. And taking it up their hup-two-three asses.

There's a number of "straight boy" scenarios, including the requisite drunk-boys-at-play (whew: ain't it hot!), an alleged "interview" sequence (a la The Few, The Proud, The Naked series) in which a beefy military boy turns out to be a big ol' bottom - fancy that, Mary!

In addition, there's a Hun-worthy threesome with a superior officer doling out orders and dick to his, er, privates. Four young hung privates stand around jerking off while another boy services each and every one of them. Ten hut! A circle jerk around the captain's hat completes the fantasy.

Yates proves himself to be a way above-average director this go around, and his tender cast will have you stalking local military bases in googly-eyed pursuit.

1999, 105 min
Country:  US
Studio:  All Worlds Video
Cast:  Lane Fuller, Leo Lyons, Bryce London, Haus Weston, Matt Bandero, Lee Johnson, Billy Herrington
Director:  Dirk Yates
TLA Rating:  ****
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