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Frank - Sales:

Heterosexual Frank is a good Christian boy who considers himself a virgin since he’s never ejaculated inside another person. He barely ever masturbates and has never even received a blow job because of his beliefs. It’s a massive leap for him to take this step to audition for porn. Since he’s barely ever been in a sexual context just stripping off in front of someone else to be examined gives him a big stonking erection. Being so naïve, he’s very reluctant to agree to do anything sexual on camera. He must be harbouring a secret pervy curiosity to have his limits pushed or else he wouldn’t have come to audition in the first place.

It’s fascinating listening to Frank’s complete sexual inexperience and try to figure out whatever gave him the idea to come audition for porn. He’s the most unlikely candidate, but it’s the quiet ones like Frank who usually turn out to have the dirtiest minds. Almost every sexual situation I describe seems a mystery to him and I slowly understand that a whole world of sex has been closed off to him his entire life. He’s only just now understanding the possibilities.

Since he’s very nervous I tell Frank that he should think of this physical exam like going to the doctor’s rather than anything dirty to put him more at ease. The rush of excitement still gets to him and he quickly grows a big erection after stripping off. It’s a thrill getting such a virginal lad to show off his hairy arsehole especially because it’s baffling for him that anyone would want to even look at it.

Frank is like a little boy in a candy store flipping through a porn mag while being told to wank. He never looks at porn and barely ever masturbates. It’s like he’s a stranger to his cock and whenever he ejaculates it comes as a complete surprise. This is a totally new experience for this good religious boy. He looks totally baffled about what just happened after he ejaculates and poses with his leaking hard-on and arsehole on show.

Fraser - Bar Manager:

Fraser is an easy-going naturally masculine guy who already has a good amount of experience in porn but only had a few romantic relationships. As a bisexual man he’s open to anything and he’s always eager to push his limits and try new things. His high sex drive dictates he gets off a couple times a day. He has a hairy well built footballer’s body which must get a lot of attention in the locker room. With his open attitude I was eager to cast this sexy man in a shoot.

Fraser proves what a professional he is right from the start knowing that it’s the performers job to do what the director tells him to as long as it’s within his own limits. The script comes first and his pleasure is second. But if we can find the right shoots which he’s perfectly cast for and has action that will truly get him off then we can make some really hot stuff.

Fraser felt natural and laid back about being buck naked and examined. But I could also feel a raw manly sexual energy emanating off from him as I hunkered down to inspect his arsehole. Since he can top or bottom when he lays back in a submissive position with his arse open he naturally falls into a submissive mood and expects a real hard fucking.

Although he didn’t mention it in his interview, Fraser likes a bit of nipple play while getting off. Notice how he tweaks his nipples while jerking himself to orgasm. As a professional he finds it easy to get an erection and give a very hot cum shot.

Phillip - Lift Engineer:

Straight macho Phillip thinks porn is all about the chicks and no one looks at the men. Here at The Casting Room he feels the pressure of having his naked body scrutinized in excruciatingly close detail including being made to bend over to show off his precious arsehole. He’s given a lesson in how to submit to a physical exam and jerk off on command. This wasn’t the dream of getting paid for sex that he imagined but it’s given the opportunity to film this tough masculine guy more exposed than he’s ever been.

Phillip seems shocked by the prospect of any kind of porn videos other than straightforward boy fucks girl. He likes to screw women and he likes to be admired as a big tough guy. Any suggestion that a finger goes up his arse or a man touches him is met with a big toothy grin and him vehemently shaking his head no. His limits may be too numerous to use him in anything but I still want to get him naked.

It was a challenge getting Phillip to submit to all of the poses for this physical exam. He thinks all a man needs to get into porn is a cock that can get hard. I’m much more interested in filming his fit muscular body and his arsehole which he won’t let anyone touch. While he thinks I’m filming his religious tattoo for the camera woman I’m really ogling his hefty round arse.

Phillip was hoping to get a woman to help him get off, but he’s told it’s a strict policy to see if he can ejaculate on camera before he’s allowed to touch any chicks. The pressure is on as he has to toss himself off while being supremely self conscious another man is watching him ejaculate. Thanks to his over-riding sex drive getting a big stiffy isn’t a challenge for this macho stud.

Shane - Musician:

Shane wrote to us a couple of years ago but went overseas before we could meet. When he contacted us again recently, I'd forgotten all about him, but just assumed he'd still be worth seeing. Did I make the right decision?

Having finally got to see him. I have reservations. But they have nothing to do with his lean hairy body, thick juicy cock, stunning low hanging balls and gushing geezer of an orgasm. They are WELL worth capturing on film forever.

I've got a confession to make. I can't abide English men with faux American accents. Sounds fake. So along comes faker Shane into my office saying he wants to do porn. He doesn't. He wants something else. Any woman with a brain no doubt thinks the way I do and runs a mile from this guy. Shane isn't getting any and he's shopping around porn companies trying to get some hot sex.

And, by the way, get that chewing gum out of your mouth. Bring back National Service I say.

I know you love big drooping nuts. So take a look at these 2 beauties that rival Ryan's and possibly even Robby's. Slim and naturally hairy he's nice to look at. For some reason he's shy about the size of his dick as well as his hole. But you know I will get him completely exposed and film it all for you anyway.

Troy Moreno - Model:

Troy is a very fit straight guy who is a consummate exhibitionist and an experienced performer. He’s a fitness enthusiast and believes in a strict diet regime. His deep sensuous voice must be one of the sexiest ever heard in the audition room. It would almost be sexier just listening to him describe what he is going to do to you rather than actually getting fucked. Although, after seeing how he handles his gigantic hard cock, I’m eager to experience watching that monster fully at work.

I was entranced with Troy the moment he opened his mouth and that voice came out smooth as butter. He begins really promising with his range of modelling experience and seeming openness. However, when we get down to the nitty gritty he has an unusual aversion to anything he considers fetish which even includes letting someone suck his dick. Unfortunately some performers who have a very high idea of themselves will impose really strict limitations.

This is when Troy’s exhibitionist side really shines. Stripped fully naked he’s totally at ease showing off his incredibly toned and fit body. He has one of those looks and attitudes that the camera loves as it’s easy to film him in a way that is really sexy without seeming forced. If only he were to loosen his boundaries somewhat we could do a lot more with him like play with that tight arsehole so nicely displayed.

Troy uses a lot of lube to make his dick really slick and wet as he strokes himself to a full erection. He uses two big hands to wank his gigantic stiff dick. Once he hits his orgasm he flings a copious amount of fresh spunk down onto the floor and relaxes back to display his body and dripping wet cock.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

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Shane - Wank.wmv:  145.37 MB

Troy - Interview.wmv:  125.44 MB
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