DirtyTony - Mark Hammer Fucks Jayden

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Both sexy Mark Hammer and boyish Jayden are back on my couch today, talking about college life, partying and their favorite types of dance music. No stranger to giving religiously cathartic head, Jayden immediately unzips Mark´┐Żs shorts and swallows a gorgeous gut-wrench all the way to his throbbing low-hangers. Getting his fat dick worshiped by the cardinal of cocksuckers, Mark´┐Żs eyes roll back in his head like a winning slot machine before he takes Jayden´┐Żs rock hard meat flute into his mouth and plays an extended version of Beethoven´┐Żs Fifth. As Jayden nearly blows his thick load from a throatjob of a lifetime, he flips the switch again to get Mark´┐Żs saliva covered schlong ready for ass ramming. Once Jayden´┐Żs lips work that dick into a frenzy where you could count his pulse just by looking at it, he turns around and plunges backward shoving Mark´┐Żs man-sword deep into his tight anal scabbard. Mark dominantly holds Jayden in place while he pummels his prostate like he´┐Żs training to fight Mike Tyson. Longing to take even more control, Mark pushes Jayden down on all fours and knocks the shit out of his tight sugar-walls till he unexpectedly explodes pearl-cream all over the sofa. Jayden, in the throes of orgasmic hysteria, moans louder and louder as Mark, with sweat running down his face, fucks his way closer and closer to achieving his own super-nova load geyser. He rips his cock from a swollen punished hole and jerks every ounce of glistening fluid from his giant nuts into Jayden´┐Żs eagerly awaiting mouth. It doesn´┐Żt get any hotter than this.

2012-02-09 22:33:42
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