Coop from CAUSA [Collection] (4 Videos)

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DescriptionCoop from CAUSA [Collection] (4 Videos)

Coop | 22 | 5'8" | 165# | 7.0" | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight and A Helluva Lot More Open

Oped-minded Man. Friendly face and lovely smile 'Coop' with magnificent body, huge cock and perky nipples explores his body sensual desire experience. getting worked up with nipple-played , prostate massage and with toy. Look at his face! fall in love with him already.

Watch him enjoying himself a bit too much to the explosive oozy climax. Also experience his first gay-sex on later video too

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4 videos and a Sample including ScreenShots

2013-09-20 CAUSA 414 Coop.mp4
2013-11-08 CAUSA 421 Coop.mp4
2014-02-28 CAUSA 437 Josiah and Coop.mp4
2014-05-24 CAUSA 449 Coop.mp4
CAUSA Coop Sample.mp4

Site's Video Description :

CAUSA 414 Coop

Once I began editing the raw data for this video (3:53 of total content), it struck me odd how present Coop stayed throughout the shoot. At first, I thought it demonstrated a lack of interest in his participation, but then I realized when coupled with his need to pee FOUR times during this shoot, these were Coop’s tools to stave off premature ejaculation. The boy was on fire (pay attention to his flushed skin color around his upper chest, back, & neck), and he didn’t know how to comprehend his physical responses to my touch.
Typically, a majority of first-timers lose their erections when sexperiencing & enjoying prostate stimulation, but not ol’ Coop. He grew hard as a rock & shortly thereafter is when he needed his first pee break. When the oral began, he needed a “nobody move” break because he was a blink away from cumming.
All of this culminates in one of the most splasherific cumshots that ever I’ve captured on video. Coop was soaked & amazed by his own cumshot, and you will be, too.

CAUSA 421 Coop

judging from the smell when I opened the front door of the studio and his eyes, Coop should have been CAUSA *420*, last week. LOL! But I get it... Makes for highly intense orgasms.

Yet, I digress... :-P

Regarding this video with Coop... UH... MAH... GAWD! WOW!!! I was surprised that Coop returned for a second round on the CAUSA massage table, and he tells us why at the beginning of this video. Needless to say and as you'll soon see, the proverbial sexual bar was again raised for Coop, and I'm confident that his sexploration will continue in his personal life.

CAUSA 437 Josiah & Coop

With today’s update, I am thrilled to bring back to ClubAmateurUSA for the first time since August 2008, a hot duo between two sexploring CAUSA guys! Straight, married Josiah goes down on a guy for the first time in his life, and also for the first time in his life, he finds out exactly why another man’s cock up his arse feels so much better than plastic, vibrating ones. Coop was the perfect partner for Josiah in this journey. He was both strong & gentle at the same time, and the guys really showed some great chemistry.

CAUSA 449 Coop

Fifth in the series of “Scent of a Porn Producer Leaving” is one of my personal favorite guys from Flaaaaahrida, Coop. I did not anticipate working with Coop again after his first shoot, and thankfully, he surprised me. In today’s video, Coop finds out the… uhm… hard way what his girlfriends feel like when he gets cum in their respective eyes. The first shot nailed him right in his eye, the second shot hit his nose, the third shot hit his cheek, and Coop just kept cumming & cumming & cumming. Enjoy!

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