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I just might go to my grave some day with fewer regrets with these finds.
I would be closer to this if I can leave the world with eternal tributes of the friends that have gone before me.

Peter was my friend long ago when I was a very young adult (20 years old).
Others can say what they want but I knew him well enough to know differently.

I have made a preview for this film and again. refused to leave a signature but instead decided to end each with a note devoted to my long gone friend instead.

You can view them here, streamed from my own site:

I still miss him. :..(

But at least this release will keep a small part of him alive forever.

Info for both below, details are in the combined NFO file (for the techies)

Enjoy and rather than thank me or give me any seed points, jut think of the man who made these wonderful films instead. Knowing that would mean more to me than anything.


A Touch of Class [First Class Male]


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Boys will be boys. Father is out of town, leaving his son in charge of the family limousine company. Well, what an opportunity this is! The son decides to recruit cute young men to work for the business, personally interviewing them at his home and crusing the streets for tender young meat!

This video revolves around Vince, who has been left in charge of running the family limo. Vince seized this opportunity to hire new young employees and to get to know existing staff better. The disclaimer for this video assures us that all these boys ... er ... men, are over eighteen. Most of the class has the body of a fourteen year old with hairless concave chests, scrawny arms, thin legs, and baby faces. Most of them are awkward in front of the camera, which is attractive if you are into the young innocent type. Dialogue is lame, the boys cannot deliver a line, and most of them lack fire and enthusiasm.

While the shorts are fairly formulaic, the director does give instant replays of significant cum shots. The sound is uneven, and for the most part the dialogue is difficult to hear. There is no attempt to mask background noises such as buses, coughing, or barking dogs. The soundtrack consists mostly of corny soap opera music. Scenes include activities such as jerking off, 69ing, cocksucking, and some fucking.

Vince takes Kyle, an employee, to his room for a little hanky panky. Vince, with a curly mullet, looks like death warmed over with dark circles under his eyes, colorless lips, and a washed-out complexion. He is a potential cutie but either very tired or did too much coke the night before. He has the charisma and enthusiasm of a sloth. Kyle is cute in an awkward and giggly sort of way. He strips first, exposing a very young hairless (with the exception of a small public patch) body with a short thin dick and big ball sac. Vince has a thicker root of average length and is also thinly built. The shorts are often obscured. Poor sweet Kyle valiantly tries to get Vince to come out of his fog and join the scene, but to no avail. Kyle eagerly empties his engorged cock onto Vince, splattering cum all over his torso. Vince is annoyed and oddly jerks away.

Robert, the driver, picks up a hitchhiker (Tim) and takes him on a detour to the office. The mullet must have been in style, because Tim has one, too! He looks even younger than Kyle and has a very thin frame and long skinny legs. Compared to the rest of his body, Tim has a long thick root to accompany his suck “sack of potatoes.” When Robert cums, the director introduces us to his signature shot. He has two cameras trained on the cock about to erupt. We see the cock cum from one angle; then the sequence is repeated from the second cameras perspective, giving the illusion of lots more jism spurting forth for a longer amount of time then actually happens.

Vince interviews two potential employees, Tim and Jerry, when he suddenly gets called away to an emergency. The young men are left to their own devices. This scene is very similar to previous scenes. Thin dark-haired Jerry is easy on the eyes and exposes a long shaft with a pronounced tip and an almost heart-shaped sac. When Jerry begins sucking Tims dick, he stares blankly forward like he is watching TV rather than being ravished by a cutie. It makes no sense. Jerry in an inspired moment straddles Tim, grabs both their hard cocks, and strokes them together before going solo and ejaculating several large spurts onto Tim, complete with an instant replay.

Vince takes a break from work to go three wheeling with Tony. When they get back to the house, Vince is hot and horny. Tony encourages Vinces behavior, but instead of using the existing three wheelers for their romp, Vince gets a sleeping bag for them to use. Disappointing. Vinces performance is not quite as sluggish as in the previous scene, but it still remains lukewarm. Halfway through the scene, Vince kneels over Tony and masturbates, when strangely the whole thing replays from the beginning, showing us exactly what we have already seen, ending with a closer shot of Vince beating off, complete with his signature bored look. Tony and Vince cum together in a small quick spurt. Why we see this scene twice is beyond me. The video ends with Vince reward Robert, the chauffeur. These two slowly disrobe as they make out.

Robert sucks Vince through his undies before setting his cock free to be munched unencumbered. There is a nice shot of Vinces ass nestled in his undies, balls bulging against the fabric as Robert is sucking Vinces exposed boner. Vince in an unusual display of vigor descends on Roberts prick, which is not hard yet, and he enthusiastically remedies the problem. The camera catches a good shot of Vinces hairy hole, meaty balls, and part of the shaft from behind, as he straddles Robert, who continues to stroke himself and slurp Vinces meat. Robert quickly squirts three long strings of thick goo onto his belly, followed by Vince, who squeezes out one long stream of cum with a little dribble to follow. Both shots are replayed. Scene ends with some tongue kissing. This is a decent scene or at least better than the others.

Stars: Tony Antonio, Kyle Bijou, Vince Cabretti, Robert Larkins, Tim Long, Jerry

Director: Peter Hunter

Released: 1991


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