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MMB - Elders Butler, Peterson and Brother Samuels Part 1 - Siesta

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DescriptionA few weeks ago, Elder Butler, a cute Mormon missionary, interrupted his companion, Elder Peterson, during a workout and seduced him into an intense sex encounter.

Like most 18 year old boys, these two are horny all the time, and since they first got off, they have gotten into the habit of fooling around every night before bed and first thing in the morning.

As far as Elder Peterson can tell, the sex has only made them better missionaries. They are more loving and more trusting with each other, and they’re happy all the time.

This particular morning, they were accompanied by a local member of the Church, Brother Samuels, to their meetings with potential converts. Brother Samuels was the ward mission leader in his previous ward, and still tries to make time for missionary service. He’s older. About the age of the boys’ fathers if he had to guess.

Without fail, he finds the elders are polite, hard-working and a joy to be around. After going door to door all morning in the heat, the three are wiped out and head back to the missionary apartment for a nap. There’s no furniture in the bedroom except for the boys’ bunkbed, so they decide to take the bottom bunk and let Brother Samuels be on top.

Elder Butler immediately second guesses this decision, remembering the glory hole in the top bunk mattress, cut out by some previous elders. Elder Peterson, not wanting to bring any attention to it, reassures Elder Butler of this decision, hoping Brother Samuels just doesn’t notice.

Both of the missionaries are secretly pleased that they’ll be able to cuddle unseen and possibly even fool around without him noticing.

It’s not that they aren’t interested in the older man. He’s sexy enough. He’s got such a deep voice, and he’s so serious and stern, and he’s got such big hands, which made Elder Peterson think he must also have a big, thick cock.

Peterson didn’t have to wonder for long. A few weeks ago Brother Samuels showed up in Elders Quorum in a new European cut suit. It added a lot of clarity to what he was packing. Since then, the elders can’t help looking at his obviously large basket instead of his face when they have conversations with him at church.

So obviously last week, while staring of the outline of his plump dickhead snaked down his pant leg, when he asked if they needed any help they quickly agreed to have him along for member visits.

And frankly, although neither of them says it out loud, they both have fantasized about crawling into bed with him, if only to get their hands on his impressive organ. They know it’s wrong…gay Mormon sex is taboo. But that hasn’t stopped them from acting on their desires so far.

Each of them take off suit and tie, covertly looking at one another as they do so. Once the boys’ are stripped to their garments, Elder Peterson notices that Elder Butler’s penis is hard, and he hopes Brother Samuels doesn’t notice. But Brother Samuels doesn’t stop at his garments — he gets completely naked, and the boys gape at his muscular, hairy chest, his big arms, and his meaty dick.

Brother Samuels can’t take his eyes off the boys’ bodies, Elder Butler’s skinny frame and Elder Peterson’s ripped torso. As he climbs up to his bunk, he’s already starting to sport a boner.

The two boys crawl in to the bottom bunk and immediately start to cuddle. Elder Peterson grabs his companion’s dick and strokes it gently. Elder Butler moans. The boys think they’re being sneaky, but Brother Samuels hears everything, and when he discovers that there is an opening between the slats in his bunk, he lowers his boner down to the boys. Neither of them has ever seen such a fat dick before, and they lick and suck it, hesitantly at first, and then eagerly, both of them competing to milk out a huge load of cum…

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