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Elders Butler, Isaacs & Larsen - Group Inspection Part 2

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DescriptionPresident Woodruff had the three missionaries exactly where he wanted them. Actually, it was maybe a little more than he had anticipated.

The Temple President had contacted President Woodruff when upcoming travel required him to make arrangements for the Stake President to manage the morning unlock and evening lockup routine.

President Woodruff asked Elder Larsen if he wanted to do the after hours walk through and lock upÂ…expecting, of course, that the curious young missionary would want to poke around the vacant temple when no one was around.

If all went according to plan, the president would meet Elder Larsen at the temple for an intimate and formal invitation to join The Order. The timetable and plan for inviting Elder Isaacs and Elder Butler to receive the true priesthood authority was different, but here all three of the missionaries were, naked and fucking each other in the temple.

Between the time President Woodruff was alerted to their presence at the temple and when he finally arrived, the boys had managed to wander behind the initiatory rooms, past the anointing antechamber, and right into the secretive ordination room.

By the time Woodruff entered the back of the sacred ordination room, the boys were already putting on quite a show.

He stood in the doorway just out of view and watched, but President Woodruff sure as hell wasnÂ’t about to pass up an opportunity to join in their naked fun. He decided to enter just after the first of the trio climaxed.

By now Elders Larsen and Butler have caught on that President Woodruff showing up is hardly a coincidence. He set this whole thing up. Furthermore, he clearly likes fooling around with them as much as they do with each other.

But while they arenÂ’t really worried and understand that the PresidentÂ’s bark is worse than his bite, poor Elder Isaacs does not. When the President orders the boys to kneel up on the white temple couch, Elder Isaacs is full of anxiety. What will happen if they are sent home? Why arenÂ’t they getting dressed?

Elder Larsen, sensing his companionÂ’s concerns, whispers reassurance to his companion that everything will be fine. But Elder Isaacs is hardly reassured.

“Your companion is right, you have nothing to worry about Elder Isaacs.” President Woodruff says while gently tugging on Elder Larsen’s low hanging balls.

The president puts a big warm hand on Elder Isaac’s ass and asks, “Everything you have been doing with your companions, it felt good, right?” Isaacs has to agree that it felt good — more than good.

The president shifts his hand and starts to gently nudge the boy’s asshole with his fingertips as he continues, “Why would we be created to experience something that feels so good, if it were, in fact, so bad? Tonight I’m going to let you boys in on a very special secret.”

The feel of a manÂ’s strong hand on his ass was making Elder Isaacs leak precum from his dick, which was now hard again. He had just fucked Elder Butler, but now he was hard and his cock was leaking like a faucet. His anxiety melted, and his big brown eyes stared back at the president like a puppy begging for food.

Amused by the boy’s expression, President Woodruff smiles at him and continues, “That’s right Elder Isaacs, I’m going to fuck this sweet ass of yours until you cum. Tonight will be your priesthood inspection. I think all three of you are going to be very receptive to the message I have to share with you.”

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