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Elder White - Second Anointing 720p

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DescriptionElder White's trip to the temple has turned into an extended sexual adventure. The powerful and secretive men of The Order have subjected the boy to a series of rituals designed to test his obedience, his sexual prowess and his worthiness to join their ranks.

So far, the boy has exceeded their expectations. He has submitted happily to everything demanded of him, has enthusiastically serviced the men's hard cocks, and has proven that his ass can take a beating.

Not only has he done everything asked of him, no matter how challenging or shameful, it's clear to his leaders that he has enjoyed it as much as they have. His quick but thorough education in sex with men has clearly been a pleasure for the boy.

After handsome President Oaks uses the boy's hole and then anoints him with his cum.

Next he stands the naked boy up and clothes him in the sacred Mormon underwear.

The boy is dressed back in the shield — the ceremonial garment that is open on both sides, leaving the boy's extraordinary body exposed and vulnerable. Then President Oaks pats the boy's ass and sends him into a room deeper within the temple to receive his Second Anointing.

The Second Anointing is a rare ordinance, a sexual ritual reserved for only the most promising candidates for the highest priesthood. It's performed for so few people that most Mormons have heard of it, but don't know what the ceremony involves.

And Elder White is very anxious to find out — especially if it's as much fun as the other rituals have been.

When he walks into the room, he sees an unknown face — it's Bishop Angus. Even fully dressed in a white suit, the man's animal sexuality boils off of him. The boy is immediately turned on by his masculine face, and imagines how his stubble will feel against his asshole.

He doesn't have to wait long to find out. The man takes the boy's body in his strong hands and leads him to the altar. He takes the shield off the boy and gropes his lean body, and then helps him climb up onto the altar.

He turns the boy to face away from him and opens the flap in the back of the garments. The boy has an incredible ass, and Bishop Angus gropes the boy, but only for a second before burying his face in it, licking and tasting the boy's sweet puckered hole, which only minutes ago was full of President Oaks's cock.

Bishop Angus can taste the other man's cum.

The thought of the other man on top of and inside this handsome boy, inseminating him, is incredibly arousing for the Bishop. Sharing these young men is what makes the male intimacy of The Order so special.

Furthermore, the thought inspires the Bishop to give the boy at least as good a fucking as he got from Oaks, and to soak him in at least as much as cum.

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