♺ Ricco Blaccs Revenge Story – Rico Blac & VerseCouple

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Original upload: 2021-10-25 13:05:35 |
Ricco Blac has a story to tell; and if you know Ricco Blac, you're probably thinking that it's probably not the kind of story you'd want your grandmother to hear. And you would be correct. Ricco Blac's story is one of intensified revenge ... a crime of passion of sorts. Listen to him tell about the day he shamelessly fucked Vers Couple just as a revenge on Chino Blac for having fun without him, and see how he fucked them for a long time. Here, the punishment of the lesson feels more like a reward: when someone fucks Ricco Blac, we end up watching him fuck. Play to watch Rico Blac get his "revenge".
2021-11-23 03:58:53
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