♺ Spider-man's Super Roommate Trouble

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Original upload: 2017-03-29 03:18:47 |
Spiderman is sharing an apartment with an Anti-Hero named “No Mercy” while he’s getting through college. Mostly it works out okay, but No Mercy doesn’t ever do his own dishes. When Spiderman confronts him about it, No Mercy really has no empathy about it.

Spiderman gets frustrated and points his finger in No Mercy’s chest, but No Mercy is much stronger and puts him in a head lock. No Mercy is not just a crime fighting Anti-Hero, he’s known for being perverted and into BDSM…

Spiderman comes to with his hands bound over his head and his spandex costume pulled down to his waist. He complains, but No Mercy just laughs and starts to lick and tickle his armpits. This makes Spidey VERY uncomfortable.

No Mercy proceeds to lick, bite and sniff Spidey’s sweaty armpits. He licks his nipples, slaps and punches his hard abs and keeps checking on Spidey’s dick through the spandex to make sure he’s reacting.
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