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source: Gay Erotic Video Index

Manhandlers Collection

studio: Nova Films
distributor: Le Salon Video
released: 1983
length: 61m

director: Kenneth Holloway
performers: Al Ford, Bill Thorne, Buck Williams, Clay Hughes, Dale Arnold, Danny Milano, Daryl Paige, Dean Goodman, Eddie Davis, George Conover , Greg Dale, Guy Bolton, Joe Tharp, Michael Laveque, Paul Mackie, Paul Roberts, Rex Wolfe, Sebastian O'vau, Stan Marshall, Terry Long, Tim Rice

1. Heavy Tooling
Buck Williams OgrAbRr, Danny Milano OgrAtRg
Business man and tattooed worker suck and fuck in a factory.
Buck has been hot for the new machine shop man for over a week. Late one afternoon, as he is taking stock inventory, he catches Don's eye and quickly stock inventory is forgotten in favor of body inventory. Buck's cock-loving ass milks a big load right out of Dan, and Dan's hot mouth coaxes an even large load out of Buck's big tool.
Market Reports Newsletter:
An office-type and a heavily tattooed machinist get it on after hours. The farmer is very handsome, looks very much like youthful Ronald Reagan. The machinist has a Slavic look about him. After some foreplay the machinist sinks his meat in a standing position, the front office man with one foot on the floor, one an the workbench. One interesting feature is after the machinist shoots his load, he wipes it off with his finger and tries to poke it up the office worker’s ass. The latter then is brought to climax, mostly by oral stimulation, but delivered by hand.
found in collection Blue Vanities Tape 232

2. Full Load Pickup
Truck driver picks up hitchhiker to suck and fuck in a truck.
When Don gives Dean a lift in his pickup, he is hardly prepared for what he is getting into - or what is getting into him. Dean's big plunger pleases Don in many ways, starting in the truck's cab and ending on the garage floor. A thick 9" drives a geyser of cum right out of Don, and Dean's spraying fountain follows soon after.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Film features a hitchhiker picked up by a handsome, clean-cut guy driving a pickup sack. After some suggestive groping, and a little manipulation, the truck turns into a big garage in a secluded residential area, and the action progresses — across the seat of the cab, in the bed of the truck, and on the floor beside the truck. The sex scenes are clear, and the color, continuity add camera work are very good. The handsome, youthful driver is as the receiving end of most of the sex, and will please collectors who prefer smooth-bodies models. His companion is huskier, best but clean and attractive.

3. Hard Packer
Paul Mackie OrgAtRg, Clay Hughes OgrAbRr
Magazine text:
They'd both been a little pissed off when the situation came up. Imagine getting a shipment of a hundred and fifty cartons ten minutes before closing time! When the boss offered them double time to stay and square it away, it had helped a bit, at least to the older of the two men. Clay Hughes had been with the company for six years and had long since adjusted to "emergencies." That was why he was in charge of shipping and receiving. As long as they paid for it, he was ready to work. Besides, what do you do nights when you've just lost your lover?
It was a little different for Paul Mackie. He was younger and he'd only been on the job for a couple of weeks. He really thought he'd been taken advantage of. There were more important things in his world than money. This was Thursday night and for Paul that meant the baths. All week he'd been building up for a night in the orgy room and this lousy shipment had to spoil it. He was hot. He was horny. He was frustrated. And now that the work was finished, he was too late for the orgy room.
However... there was that sweet ass down below...
Market Reports Newsletter:
A red-haired stock hander and his foreman us the shipping dept. get together and use the stair and stock balcony to good advantage in gaining entry to the latter's handsome ass. The stocker is in cut-offs and tee shirt, the foreman in Levis and a tee shirt to start with, then much of the remaining action the foreman wears his shoes, socks, and a jock. The sex is good, as is tire color and the continuity This is a good, broad-interest film.

4. The Good Neighbor
Rex Wolfe OrgAtb, Dale Arnold OrgAtb
Neighbor Rex Wolfe finds Dale Arnold's swim trunks marvelously suggestive and he can't wait to get into the. While Dale takes an erotic sunbath, Rex's lust climbs. But not for too long. Soon the sucking and fucking begins. It's hot by the pool so they get hotter in the bedroom until big come geysers cool them down.
Market Reports Newsletter:Dale Arnold climbs out of the pool onto a towel wearing a thin nylon bikini, transparent when wet. His neighbor climbs over the wall, gets naked and takes over the cock stroking Dale had started. The neighbor gets into him there by the pool. They are next seen in the bedroom, in a 69, after which Dale enjoys some fucking, Both climax. The color is good, with good models (the second one is Rex Wolfe, a dark, wavy haired guy in his early twenties), and fully reciprocal screwing. It is very well presented for a short format.

5. Hot Property (Manhandlers)
Paul Roberts, George Conover
Real Estate runner Paul Roberts checks on a vacant house and finds that it's hardly vacant. He awakens sleeping intruder George Conover just the way you would - with his mouth. George proceeds to give Paul just what he wants - some deep fucking that allows Paul the pleasure of sucking himself - and brings both to wet and rewarding climaxes.
Filmco promo:
Young, good-looking real estate salesman Paul Adams (he's just out of college – this house will be his first sale) is checking on a vacant house he is supposed to sell. But when he goes inside he discovers a pleasant surprise – a beautiful young, blond surfer sleeping on the floor – and the kid is nude! What a body! Paul wakes him up – just the way you would – with his mouth on the kid's big hard-on. The hot, blond surfer gives Paul just what he wants – some really deep fucking. And in one fantastic scene, Paul actually sucks on his own big cock while being screwed by the surfer. Great sex action – this film is for your collection.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Paul Roberts is a good looking young man, perhaps 20, with dark hair. He enters a vacant house to check it over and finds George Connover asleep. naked, on a sleeping-bag. That turns him on, and he starts to jack the sleeper's cock. The scene progresses until Roberts flips back on his shoulders to suck his own cock while Connover fucks him. It's a most unusual scene which is carried out quite effectively. Connover is a smooth-bodied blonde, with a developed body. Both climax. The film has good color, is very well filmed, with a lot of interest potential.
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6. Biker Trick
Dean Goodman OrgAt, Paul Mackie OrgAb
Rancher Dean Goodman has bused into town. When he hooks up with biker Paul Mackie, the weekend action begins. In Paul's posh bar, the two begin with a casual beer. This leads to a scene that is anything but casual as these two big-pricked men trade some heavy sucking and fucking that ends in a juice-releasing sixty-nine.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Paul Mackie is a curly haired, very clean bodied young man who portrays a biker. He picks tip Dean Goodman, who looks a little older, an average-looking adult with short dark brown hair. After a shower they start to make-out on the barstool and floor at Mackie's place. These are both fine models, with good sex scenes from a clear, sharp print. Good color, too.

7. High Score
Tim Rice OrgAb, Dale Arnold OrgAt
Tim Rice believes that "everything comes to he who waits," and when he spies Dale Arnold coming down the street, Dales' big basket convinces Tim that his time has come. The two young men retire to Tim's garage for some heavy and intense sucking and fucking that plugs all the holes and releases passions that send the hot juices flying.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Tim Rice is toward the high end of his twenties, short dark hair, wearing cute little shorts when he sees Dale Arnold saunter down the street; they talk, Arnold displaying his basket very prominently through a loose, white summer suit. They retire to the garage for a good sex session. The significance of the title is unclear. The film, however, is, with good color and structure for a short film. In this one Dale does the screwing.

8. A Good Day's Work
Daryl Paige OrgAt, Joe Tharp OrgAb
Blond and Nordic Daryl Paige applies to big Joe Tharp for a job. Joe has Daryl clean out a store room. Daryl's second job deals with Joe's now-throbbing cock. Daryl takes it in stride knowing that his turn will come. And it does as Daryl throws a heavy fuck into Joe's tight ass driving them both right over the brink.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Joe Tharp is about 30, short black hair arid a mustache. Daryl Paige is in his early twenties with highly styled blonde hair, dark eyebrows and mustache, Tharp hires Paige to clean out a store room, and watches him as he works, beating off as he watches from behind a column. Next he makes Paige suck his cock, then takes Paige's up his ass. The color is very good: the film has some oddities ­ both keep their shoes and socks on while otherwise naked, and the Tharp character is kind of a silly old soul. Primarily for Pair fans.

9. Rendezvous (Manhandlers)
Bill Thorne, Stan Marshall
Bill Thorne likes to pick up his always willing victims on the street, retire to an old warehouse and give lessons in proper service. His new trainee is Stan Marshall who is anxious to please. Strong dominance and willing submission are well-matched with a climax that has Bill fucking the spurting sperm out of both hot men.
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