Vivid Man - 3 5hr Compilation - Running With Goo

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These three-and-half-hour compilations are so great because there's such a variety of hot action (from oral to anal to titplay to slings), and it's non-stop hardcore. Let's take a tour of some of the standout moments featured here.

We start off with a steamy shower scene from "Lucky Stiff," starring K.C. Hart and Peter Wilder. There's some great hard-sucking, but fast-forward for now to 7:46, where the face fucking begins. Wilder sits on the bathroom floor, stroking off while Hart straddles his face (one leg up on the sink counter for leverage) and rams his huge cock deep past Wilder's tonsils. It's fantastically hot.

Skip to 11:33 for an amazing facial drenching, with no fewer than eight huge explosions of far-shooting cream (along with some smaller outbursts as well) drenching Wilder's face. Next we see a juicy cockworship clip from "Steel Trap," starring Peter Anderson and Peter Wilder.

At 18:50 they move into a hot 69ing position, and wait till you see Anderson take every inch at 20:22. The men start buttfucking at 21:12, with Wilder bottoming and then impressively shooting off all over himself at 24:32 (six very thick shots of mangoo flying all the way past his head and drenching his chest, and then six more squirts with cum flying every which way).

Next up we have "Punk" starring Bernie Ray, David Cline, and Marcus Day in a hot prison threeway. I love the double rimming at 26:18. It's a textbook example of how to satisfy two luscious manholes with one mouth. Some great buttfucking follows, in all sorts of positions, and these men are real multi-taskers, so you can bet if one man is fucking then he's also sucking a cock at the same time.

In "Played" starring Adam Wilde and Tim Lowe, you'll see the best power bottoming ever filmed. Skip over to 35:50 and prepare to be amazed as one man strokes off another using only his ass. The so-called top man is lying on his back and never moves, and the bottom does all the work, straddling the cock as he faces away, bouncing back and forth like there's no tomorrow. This scene is a joy to behold, and it will surely fascinate even those who aren't into anal sex. At 39:15, the men shift to a new position, but the fucking only gets harder until the bottom shoots off into his own mouth.

In "Pick Up" starring Rod Sloan and Vic Hall, don't miss the serious deepthroating starting at 43:18--the kind where the sucker rams his face at the cock, shoving it as far down as it can go, taking every last millimeter of the shaft. Things get a bit rougher at 45:32, when the top man starts face fucking his deepthroater like a rapist while getting his chest slapped. They rim and 69 each other at 46:06, start madly fingerfucking at 48:02, then roughly buttfuck at 49:50.

"Centerspread 3" stars Brandon Wells and Spencer Allan, and at 55:50 they begin some very masculine foreplay in a mirrored room, with nonstop tit pinching, chest slapping, ass fingering, dildo play, and body rubbing while they both stroke off. Check out 56:32, where they wildly slap stiff hardons against equally erect tits for several minutes, and 1:06:44, where the fingerfucking gets really erotic and intense in preparation for the dildos.

In "Long Hot Summer" starring blonds Aaron Scott and Jamie Hendrix, the deep kissing make-out at 1:10:19 that leads to the sweat-and-cum-drenched finale at 1:23:19; in "Hand to Hand" with Cort Stevens and Rev Sutton, the hot military suck and fuck on an office table that explodes at 1:32:20.

In "Double Exposure" with Alex Thomas and Randy Mixer, the unusual armchair rimming position at 1:34:17 and acrobatic sitting-fuck beginning at 1:35:36 (so hot as they deep kiss throughout); in "Dino Dreams On" with Jordan Young and Randy White, the great dad/son deepthroating action at 1:43:00 (so deep that the throat lube strings out very thick when Jordan comes up for air, as you'll see 1:48:35--it's amazing!); in "Picture Perfect" with Chad Donovan and David Cline, don't miss the monster cock oral servicing in a tearoom starting at 1:57:32.

Lovers of men in suits and ties will get off on the clip from "Rushes" with Cole Carpenter and Morgan Carter, starting at 2:11:17 and ending with a facial glazing and some cum licking at 2:14:25; in "Pure" with Aaron Brandt, Justin Side, and KC Hart, don't miss the megahot horsehung threeway with double cock sucking at 2:15:38, close-up ass play at 2:20:36, and chest drenching at 2:26:43; swimming pool fans will love "Long Hot Summer" with Brett Winters and Lyle Parker doing it on an inflatable pool raft, especially when they start 69ing at 2:31:09 and move into an intense face fucking session at 2:33:10 (virtually submerging their raft in the process!).

In "Club Men" we see a nighttime patio hard assfucking with Steve Gibson and a buddy, and catch the sudden gust of wind blowing the sweaty men at 2:39:31 (it's as if Mother Nature knows these two hotties could use some air conditioning!), and the garden-hose spray of jizz at the end is a must see at 2:41:37; lovers of leather chaps and ass slings should now skip to "Prisoner of Love" with Devyn Foster and Steven Marks, starting at 2:42:57 and ending in a nice facial at 2:53:33; if that's too hardcore for you, skip up to "Roommate" with Danny Sommers and Randy White going at it hard and heavy, with some intense double-fingerfucking at 2:54:49, hard doggiestyle buttfucking at 2:56:17, and record-distance cum shooting at 3:03:57 (how far does the cum fly? Danny has to look behind his head to see the farthest globs, and that pushes him over the edge for his own orgasm!).

In "Long Hot Summer 2" with Jamie Hendrix, Jason Ross, and Scott Hogan, you'll love seeing two men licking and sucking one set of balls at 3:04:50, watching them take turns sucking the massive shaft at 3:05:14, and then seeing one man gets facefucked at 3:08:19 in preparation for cramming two hard dicks in his mouth 3:09:50, followed by some great fingerfucking and ass ramming; in "Privilage" with Rob Cryston and Troy Robinson, we're treated to Rob's expert deepthroating at 3:16:00 before he bottoms at 3:20:27 and shoots off while being power-pounded at 3:24:40 (he's on the edge of cumming almost the whole time he's getting rammed, and it's fun to watch him pace himself so as not to shoot off too soon, frequently stopping short his own cock stroking when he nears the point of no return). Rob gets his chest totally covered in mancream at 3:25:10, and it's a great climax to a great compilation.

[Reviewed by: Thatguyyoulike]

Starring: KC Hart, Peter Wilder, Peter Anderson, Bernie Ray, David Cline, Marcus Day, Adam Wilde, Tim Lowe, Rod Sloan, Vic Hall, Brandon Wells, Spencer Allan, Aaron Scott, Jamie Hendrix, Cort Stevens, Rev Sutton, Alex Thomas, Randy Mixer, Jordan Young, Randy White, Chad Donovan, Cole Carpenter, Morgan Carter, Aaron Brandt, Justin Side, Brett Winters

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