Gay boxing #7-No Rules Boxing-Tanner Versus Destiny

Wrestling and Sports
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This is the whole fight. Tanner and Destiny are both hot muscle stud twinks. This fight is mainly a sparring match and the punches are pretty light but the guys are really hot so they probably did not want to mess up their good looks. The punches go back and forth. I noticed that the guys locked up more often in this fight than in the other ones I have put on here. That is kind of hot. Destiny punched Tanner right at the belt line in picture number 43 and if that would have been with any force he would have dropped to the ground like a bag of potatoes. Plus it is illegal of course. Destiny ends up knocking Tanner out at the end. Both guys wear boxing shorts, boxing gloves and boxing/wrestling shoes. This video sizzles. The pictures reflect what is contained in the video and are pulled right off of the video. Enjoy.

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2015-10-18 00:18:24
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