[BOYSLAB] Sweets

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Release date:2013/04/26
Category:Gay Pure love
Model type:japanese, twinks,model,actor
Time:175 min
File size:3.31GB

The BOYSLAB Allstars.!

New brand with the theme of Sweet Love between two men "Sweets"! I'm silly and I want to be honest.
There is so much time.Spoiled guy so well you want to take.

Not only the body, mind and all want to be naked. Nagisa x Shin. Koh x Misaki. Nagisa x Johji.
Such sweet moments of three pairs of coupling do not see sneak peek?

Chengzhi appeared BlabLIVE vol. 2 and popular all shot off part 5 part!
It is usually pounding kyunkyun 175 minutes.
So much so that mneyake-or "Sweets" C'mon! heart

1: cast: NAGISA√óSHIN words without communicating.
Found in the everyday approach and distance between two happy.
This time could stop it.
Nagisa and Shinji's mind and body become one.

2: Koh travel to fill the gaps in time difficult cast: KOH√óMISAKI and Misaki.
Go ahead air bath and wait for calmer, from tiredness and sleepy.
The ship rose from the bath in estrus Misaki sleeping with yukata!
The late-night dessert TIME!

3: cast: NAGISA√óJOHJI warm with afternoon sunshine because of hardball?
But usually not quite honest I want today.
In the bubble bath for the first time in two, both mind and body start first.
And, during the passion of calm although Johji.
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