Guys That Get Me Off — Part 11

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DescriptionGeneral principles: I get off on young guys with hairy legs, trails, pits, and asses. I also enjoy power dynamics: older/younger, dom/sub, straight/gay. I'm a sucker (!) for a good throat-destroying blow job because it involves the equal cooperation and skill of a top with a big cock who isn't shy about making it past the bend AND a bottom who knows that the time for breathing will eventually come 'round again, but there's a cock to be worshipped.

This compilation begins (and ends) with one of my favorite scenes -- Jesse giving his cocksucker final instructions to receive his load down the throat. From what I can tell, the sub obeys and coaxes a load from the jock top. Nothing to see here, gentlemen. Please move along. The load has been swallowed.

Some quick scenes: a young guy with a firehose of a cock squirts around the room to put out the fire, a straight boy gets blown then has his ass eaten* as he bears down on his new best friend's tongue, a boy gets a little too excited being fucked by the long-haired pretty boy top (I'm not complaining, the guy is handsome) and cums before he wants to (a perfect, I might add, example to offer anyone who doubts mind-body dualism: clearly, this boy's mind is saying 'we are not going to cum' while his body says 'oh yes we are'), a wrestler-cute young guy with a hefty cock and yummy hairy legs who happens to enjoy lifting his arms and exposing his pits gets blown by a talented young black man, two boys "model" by the pool (more pit display) and then fuck inside, an older guy at his pool entertains his young next door neighbor who has a great cock, a muscle guy blows another on a dock (sorry for the poor quality), three twinks (including the blond top from the older/younger pool scene) see how many pieces of furniture they can have sex on, a group of GFP porn actors cum all over one of their colleagues before trading cum-tinged cautious kisses and informing the target he took it "like a champ, brother!" -- complete with fist bump. 

* Can I just say how much I enjoy watching straight dudes get rimmed?  The look of utter surprise followed by mind-blowing lust gives me an instant boner. You know what's going through their poor little straight boy heads: (a) omg this feels fucking amazing, (b) why has no one done this to me before? (c) this is sooooo dirty and I shouldn't like it as much as... [grinds down on the tongue and loses his train of thought.]

Next, a horrible quality video of a voracious cocksucker at his private glory hole last night. Compare that with the sanitized studio cumshot that follows. meh!

Them some elaborate plot driven scene involving a clothed voyeur (the guy I really want to see naked) eavesdropping on a three-way involving an older "boss" and two younger men who trade dick pokes and blow jobs in a conference room. The younger white boy with the wrestler build should call me. (I like your wiener, mister.)

Then there's another younger/older scene: this time with the younger guy bottoming.  (I really do enjoy younger tops, but.. I live to serve you pervs and I'm including this just for you.)

And the compilation ends with an extended look at Jesse and his cocksucker again. I love this clip. I only wish the top were more vocal throughout the blow job. I will repeat my plea: America, please teach your sons to talk dirty to their cocksuckers during oral sex. Thank you.

As always, I get off reading your comments and appreciate the "thanks."

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