Barry Tied & Tickled at Jays Place

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DescriptionYou may have seen Barry in the Ticklewars & Footworship on the Sofa clip just below. If so, you will know that Barrys secret tickle spot is the area around, above and beneath his bellybutton. It is a very vulnerable and terribly ticklish place that the artful Chad has discovered - much to Barrys chagrin. Now Chad had a lot of trouble tickling Barry in the Ticklewars video when Barry was unfettered and fought back on the sofa. But now he has got Barry on the bed and in the ropes where it's open season on poor Barry who now lies helpless and unable to resist Chads relentless tickle assaults. Chad starts by tickling Barrys feet, then works his way up to his upper thighs making him giggle. So much for the small stuff. Now Chad zeros in on Barrys super ticklish navel zone, and all Hell breaks loose as you can tell from the sound of Barrys laughter which suddenly escalates several octaves from giggling to out-and-out howling! Chad is delighted. Next he moves up along Barrys ribs to his hairy armpits, then back to his tenderloins below the bellybutton. Shrieks galore erupt every time Chad revisits this ticklish treasure trove. Alas, he just can not resist the temptation to keep going back to the well again, again and again. Such being the nature of Chads indefatigable obsession with tickling. At one point Barry gets tickled so badly that it makes him thrash around so fiercely that his wrist slips out of the restraint. Brief pause while Chad straps him up again, a little tighter this time. And as everyone knows by now, Chad is really a nice guy at heart as he plays kissy-face with Barry from time to time to give him a break. Well, a short one; a very short one. Not wishing to neglect Barrys ticklish feet. And hoping to enhance the tickling sensations, good guy Chad applies some baby oil to Barrys ticklish soles. Then Chads nimble fingertips deliver the coup de grace all over Barrys slippery soles making Barry laugh and laugh and laugh. Chad even gives vent to his passion for using his hot, wet tongue as he wiggles it back and forth with laps that tickle like crazy all up & down and in between Barrys ticklish ribs. Whats the score? Chad 10 - Barry zero. End of game. BTW,this clip includes two free minutes
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