Hand in Hand - Fire Island Fever (1979)

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After reading Rich Juzwiak‘s “Too High To Be Gay On Fire Island” piece on Gawker, I came to the conclusion that the modern-day gay culture of Fire Island sounds like my own personal idea of hell… But, uh, that’s just me! I am basically a grumpy old man with no tolerance for loud dance music, havings “kikis” or large groups of people who think they’re hotter than me (who also think I care that they think they’re hotter than me).

Having said that, I’ve never actually been to Fire Island. It’s been built up in my head as this judgmental, body-obsessed place where I’d be afraid to take my shirt off, when it’s probably a ton of fun if you’re drunk and surrounded by the right people.

“Don’t knock it, ’til you try it!” is what I’m telling myself right now!

Yet I’d be more likely to try it if someone invited me to stay with them for free… So if you happen to have an extra bed in your house one this summer, consider inviting an anonymous blogger (me) for a weekend in the sun. He might blow you in the Meat Rack to show his gratitude. Because he has to do at least one stereotypical thing if he’s on Fire Island, right?

I’m bringing this all up because I just watched the trailer for the 1979 film Fire Island Fever, and it made me wish I could go back to a simpler time when gays did enough drugs to tolerate being around one another. Kidding, kidding! I could never go back in time. Manhunt didn’t exist back then.
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