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BG East Wrestling - Jake Jenkins vs Jonny Firestorm

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DescriptionOrder Up: The Works!

"What do you think of this guy?" The Boss was watching Jake Jenkins' gazebo match against Jayden Mayne. He hit the freeze button at the point where, early in the match, Jake chokes Jayden with his own arm. Jake's eyes gleam bright in the still shot. They look like the eyes of a killer. "Him?" Jonny sneers, grabbing a nearby barbell to pump his right bicep. "You're kidding me, right?" The Boss meditatively taps the top of the remote against his chin: "Lots of fans would like to see you in the ring with Jake. The two of you are close in size. You both get tons of fan mail. It could be another 'instant classic' for BG East. Ka-ching!" Jonny scratches his shoulder and shakes his head from side to side: "I don't know. He's a pretty boy. Look at those fancy abs, those big brown Bambi eyes. And no wrestling boots? Does this punk think he's a Von Erich or something?" The Boss folds his hands, his eyes beaming smugly, the way they do when he slips into deal-making mode. "He's one of these MMA kids. What can I say? I'll pay you double if you can beat the guy so that he can't get back up. Double ... or nothing. You lose and you give me this one for free."

Jonny stares at the image on the flat-screen TV. He's tempted. It's been a while since The Boss tossed him a bone this meaty. Already he imagines the snap of Jake's cartilage as he rips the rookie a new asshole. It will be a piece of cake, he thinks. And with a double paycheck he can at last afford a TV as big as The Boss's, maybe bigger. "Might be fun," Firestorm muses. "But only if you're 100% sure you want me to break this little Romeo of yours ..." "Oh, I'm sure all right." The Boss dons his trademark sinister smirk. "Only you got to beat him so he can't get back on his feet. He's a lot tougher than you think, Jonny. He's an accomplished cage fighter. He's not afraid of a little pain." "Who said anything about a 'little' pain?" Jonny shoots back, smiling. "Throw in a pizza and it's a deal!" "What you like on your pie, Jonny?" "You have to ask? The works! Of course."

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