Frisky Summer 1 Best Friends

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DescriptionOh, the long summer days and nights. We breathe a collective sigh of relief when the cold days of winter have finally lapsed and the warm, invigorating days of spring come upon us. We also get raging hardons thinking of all the skin that we'll be seeing, touching and fucking during those sweaty, humid moments under the sun! Frisky Summer 1 is meant to bring you those images of carefree days right into your home regardless of season.

Hiking along a dirty, dusty trail, the tale opens with a strutting muscular piece of chiseled meat beckoning us to watch his swaying cock as he makes his way to a farm in the distance. Exhausted from clenching his stomach muscles so much, he collapses onto a pile of hay and slowly pours bottled water onto his chest, making its way in rivulets down his hairless abs to his waiting pubes and throbbing dick. This is such a turn on that you might find yourself cumming before the first scene is even over. The young hiker is watched from a bedroom window by another gorgeous specimen of a boy and the voyeurism becomes scorching and intensely erotic. Cum flies everywhere amidst sucking, kissing and fondling bodies.

That's just the beginning. Frisky Summer goes on to give us many more luscious cocks, tight asses, and beautiful faces waiting to get fucked. Besides hiking, we are treated to summertime activities like biking and rollerblading - each more intoxicating than the last and filled to capacity with fiery male ecstasy. From cornfield to barn attic, the sperm comes gushing at a nonstop pace. The most memorable highlight is watching Dano get pounded by the monster tube steak on his military hookup. The penis is so big that it looks like it's going to split Dano from mangina to dick head. We wanted more!

This set is rounded out with the feature Tender Strangers. Nine solo performances of studs stroking their long uncut dicks will help you come down from the high of the first disk. There are enough body types here to satisfy everyone. Martin Valko is one of the most stunning works of art that's on the face of the earth and Julian Armanis is an angel-faced adonis with a hose big enough to make the tightest top squirm for a good fuck. Tender Strangers is shown complete with the original version of the film of (seven jerk off sessions) plus two additional scenes: Alex Petersen from Lukas' Story 2 and Julian Armanis from Frisky Summer 3.

My only complaint: I only got 180 minutes when timing this, but the DVD front cover art clearly says it's over 4 hours long. Where did the extra hour go? I dunno. Plus it says that the second disk has 10 episodes when in fact it only has 9. Lies, I tell you! Lies!

This double feature is too good to pass up. If you're an avid Bel Ami fan this is a must own!
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