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DescriptionIt's worth noting that the title of this movie is "Love and Lust" and not "Love or Lust" or "Love Versus Lust." That would be too simple for master director Lucas Kazan. Setting up love and lust to battle it out is too mundane for him. Instead, he needs to explore the ideals of both sides, allowing lust to look sweetly pleasing and love to look strong and vibrant. It seems to me, at least from this film, and probably for the main character torn between love and lust, that the two are not mutually exclusive. True love has to have a lustful quality to make it so robust and lust is at its zenith when the participants love what they are doing. Certainly the men here, representing a wide variety of European types, burst off the screen with bountiful intensity, adoring their work and adored for it by their careful and respectful director.

Giorgio Salieri, with a shaved head, meaning that hair can't take away from his breathtaking beauty, droopy sexy eyes and big lips, has had it with men. He's even decided to move, away from the bastards who have broken his heart. Unfortunately, he's come to the wrong charming little Tuscan town, because as soon as he gets there, he sees Roberto Giorgio just sitting on an empty street. Archly romantic, Roberto is immediately smitten, narrating that he has found true love at first sight. Also inhabiting this berg of all-male sexpots is Jean Franko, who flatly denies believing in love, but certainly believes in sex for the sake of it. The battle between titular love and lust is ready to go and the credits aren't even done yet!

But wait, this town gets better and better. Washing themselves at an outdoor shower with only a singer somewhere in the distance to break up the sound of the water lapping on their bodies, are Lucas Andrades, a tattooed swarthy man with a shaved head, unbeatable sexual heat and a butt just as hot, and Kazan regular Matthias Vannelli, tall, butch and super manly. Like a vision, Jean Franko suddenly joins them. Time should stop still for men like Jean Franko. He has classic dark good looks, jet-black hair, a goatee and a body of solid marble, covered by the most perfect mat of fuzzy hairy. Jean takes them inside where he immediately starts licking gently at their asses. Lucas and Matthias are positioned next to each other, lovingly kissing, while Jean runs the gamut of rimming expertise, everything from tickling licks to aggressive bites. His talent is exactly what his physique seems to promise: forcefully rugged, but also no-nonsense in the ability and desire departments. Of course, it helps that he has two of the world's greatest asses to tend to. Matthias and Jean then 69 with Matthias on top giving Jean's whopper cock a slow-burn blowjob, helped by Jean's insatiable thrusts into his mouth. Lucas has butt duty on Matthias. It's mere moments before Jean's uncut cock spits out a boatload of cum, and without Jean's face having been shown. It was Matthias who got him to climax, so only his face is seen making it happen. That's a very clever trick on Kazan's part. Matthias deep-throats Jean, and then Jean takes a break to watch Lucas amazingly deep-throat Matthias' phenomenally large dick. Not that the camera angles are needed to help this sucking along, but they show just how difficult this truly is. Fucking comes with the gentlest insertion possible, Matthias fucking Lucas, who now applies his mouth to that still-gyrating Jean. Workhorse Lucas takes poundings from both ends. Matthias is smooth and sleek, but making sure the full girth of his cock is felt in Lucas' smooth ass. Lucas turns over onto his back for round two, where he has Matthias sit on his face and Jean gets to poke his cock into the sumptuous ass. Jean keeps up his feistiness, plugging Lucas with speed and flashy style. The ultra-horny Jean has a cum-shot that even trick photography couldn't approximate, the kind every porn director must pray for when a scene starts. Extraordinary bottom Lucas is next and then Matthias has a wonderful popping spurt to end the action. Now, that scene takes care of the lust aspect of the story. However, it's not done in a typically lustful fashion. Instead, Kazan allows the scene a tenderness and passion at a speed approaching air coming from a tire, so quiet and unassuming you barely notice it. However, when it's over, it most definitely happened, and with epic glory.

Giorgio showers, revealing a body that "hard" doesn't being to describe. "Precise" is probably a better word because it seems divinely shaped and molded rather than earthly possible. With a cup of espresso, he finds out from the guys working on his house how long construction will be and then heads out into the village. I hope workmen Ricky Martinez and Karel Rok have built in sex time, because that's exactly what they start once Giorgio leaves. The taller more boyish Karel is a marvel of muscle, a nice foil to Ricky's more blatant ruggedness. Both have skin that glows in the helpful lighting, with only Ricky's slight facial shadow to stop them from shining completely. Just from touching and groping, Ricky has a handless cum-shot. This doesn't deter them from continuing, as Karel grabs Ricky's gorgeous buttcheeks in his hands and starts fingering the hole deep between the luscious orbs. Ricky then sucks lean Karel, doing a dreamy blowjob and peppers it with some ass-biting. A few times, the ultra-pretty Karel seems on the verge of cumming from face-fucking Ricky too quickly, but he wisely puts it off until he can't hold it any longer, lavishing a generous heap on Ricky's shoulder. Karel then fucks Ricky, standing regally still and just thrusting his strong hips at his bottom. Just watching his asscheeks clench is sexy enough, let alone the wonderful access he's allowed into Ricky, who closes his eyes and seems to be enjoying this as much as a perfect dream. Karel is capable of perky speed as well, but not long into his blast, he cums again on Ricky's ass, then jacking off his work buddy to a sizeable finish. The second less in lust here has a more robust feel, as if the viewer is being shown another side to lust. It was almost peaceful in the first scene, but here it gets taken to a more potent level.

One of Hungary's greatest hunks, Julian Vincenzo, enters the picture with a tap from his pool cue to a ball that unfortunately doesn't make it into a pocket. But, the camera doesn't care as it never leaves the sight of Julian, temptingly strapping, with shoulders that spread wide into massive arm and pec muscles, one arm covered in a tattoo. Atop this mound of muscular bliss sits a face as handsome as can be, with an attitude of aloofness perhaps, but it's only an attitude. Jean Franko sees through it and begins to grab at him in the middle of their game. The sizzler has returned to the film and this scene immediately takes off on a grabbing venal tear that shows off lust at its best. Jean pushes Julian over the pool table and eats his ass, this time forgetting all sense of pleasantry about rimming and instead going at the hole full tilt with his whole face. This time, the imposing Jean bottoms, almost unbelievably. The town stud is now a master of all things sexual as the completely focused Julian fucks the daylights out of him. Julian is packing huge meat, but with Jean roaring in encouragement, he forces it all into Jean's hole. Jean grabs onto the sides of the pool table as an anchor, because when two giants go at it, something needs to stop them from fucking all the way into the next town. Bathed in a bluish moonlight, Julian blows Jean until little Otto Voko, a delightfully crisp runner-body type comes into the scene to take his place. Otto gets between the humongous dicks and starts blowing with absolute authority. He may not be able to take the dicks to any great depth, but his voracious sucking makes it not matter. He's clearly getting his buddies off with his awesome mouth and Jean rewards him with another big cum-shot, followed by a good one from Julian. Even Otto gets to cum for his he-men. The smaller youthful Otto is bound for bottom glory here, rapidly taking alternating turns from the hearty heavies who want into his ass. Both take full advantage of his open hole, going at him with maximum energy and growling force. Julian and Jean even watch each other fuck, as if to goad the other into pushing Otto harder and harder. Julian lets out a heap of cum on Otto's asscheek and then Jean has a big one right onto the camera. When Otto cums again, it's clear that all three have delighted in the blatant power of midnight lust.

During the above episode, Giorgio was forced out of his slumber by all of the noise, unfortunate because he was dreaming of sex with Roberto, who has been following him all over town. In a grand tease, the viewing is shown snippets of what sex might be like between these two, but never enough so that a full scene isn't of course completely welcome. The next morning, Giorgio spots Roberto outside of his window and though he initially tries to shun him, he gives into Roberto's romantic power and invites him up. No words are spoken (none need to be) as the two start making out in brilliant hues of bright yellow light. The solidly packed Roberto is an erotic deity, another Hungarian slice of perfection, but as gorgeous as he is, he has a match in glamorous perfectly-tuned Giorgio. With his abs clenched and looking on, he has Roberto suck him. Giorgio's massive cock fits quite nicely in Roberto's mouth and even if the blowjob were lesser than the spectacle it is, it wouldn't really matter because the desire Roberto is showing for his task is overwhelmingly attractive. Thankfully, Giorgio is not just the awe-inspiring statue he might be in less capable directorial hands. He sucks Roberto next and is clearly able to work his mouth happily around a cock. After ever few deep sucks, he looks up at Roberto. For approval? I should think that's tacitly understood. They could be playing Go Fish and I think Roberto would approve. Having this piece of heaven on his dick in any capacity has to be thrilling. To that end, Roberto loudly cums a seemingly never-ending collection of strong spurts right in front of Giorgio's pleased face. Roberto then works his ass down Giorgio's cock sitting in a doorway. Roberto's muscular ass is definitely tight, but this time, it's the bottom who has the task of working it out, and he does with great ability. He pushes himself down harder on Giorgio with each trip until even Giorgio's eyes pop out in amazement. Just as Giorgio is going to fuck Roberto standing up, Jean is seen to be listening at the wall, hearing less bleating passion and more twinkling moaning from the guys on the other side. Giorgio gives Roberto a solid, beautifully clean and slick fuck before pulling out for a big cum-shot. Roberto has a bigger one, even bigger than his first.

In the very last frame of the story, Jean nods to the camera in understanding of what happened on the other side of the wall. Love led those two to make all the sounds he just heard. I can't say that Jean will give up his lustful ways, and I certainly hope not. In the end, it's nice that Roberto's romantic overtures got Giorgio to want a man again, but nothing Jean did was any less sexy. In fact, it all looks alike in Kazan's hands. The final scene runs along from the tenderness that is displayed in the first scene, through the budding bulldog aura of the second, past the outwardly brutality of the third (particularly in Giorgio's topping) to pull them all together. Does it take one episode of romantic passion to equal three tries at lust? Maybe, but maybe not. Maybe they are all equal, all the same, all tied up together so that lust and love take the same sexual forms depending on the participants. Thus, love and lust aren't enemies but two hands on the same sexual being.

DVD features: Chapters; gallery; interviews (Jean, Julian, Giorgio, Lucas, Otto and Matthias, which are very sexy, but not all in English); trailers ("Italian for Beginners" and "Decameron: Two Naughty Tales"); and no regional coding.

A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( http://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Giorgio Salieri, Roberto Giorgio (a.k.a. Filip Oliver), Jean Franko, Matthias Vannelli, Ricky Martinez, Lucas Andrades, Karel Rok, Otto Voko and Julian Vincenzo.

Directed by Lucas Kazan.
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