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DescriptionSometimes it’s the dullest ones who smile the most. When you have been a toker for years, smiling comes easy. However, when you’ve majorly fucked up, that would be a good time to put on a somber face. This guy has never had any sense, though, so what should we expect?
He had failed a few tests in a row, and even though he had been given leniency, he still thought of the whole thing as a game. Even as he was marched in the room for a heart to heart about his place in the House, he couldn’t wipe that stupid grin off of his face. Needless to say, the House Manager knew exactly how to take care of that little problem for him. It’s hard to smile with a thick cock bumping up against the back of your throat.
The face fucking was the least of his worries though. Our young resident ends up getting pummeled in several different positions – doggie, missionary, and both cowboys. With each stroke of the Manager’s cock, his facial contortions and winces got even more expressive. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone finally getting the moral of the story.
By the end of it, his honey pot was swollen all to hell and he had cum all over his mouth and chin. Not surprisingly, with that and all the slapping around, he wasn’t smiling any more. Hopefully he straightens up and flies right from now on.
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