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EL - Paddy O'Brian

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DescriptionCollection of Videos of Paddy O'Brian from EnglishLads

1. Straight London Geezer Paddy O'Brian - Massaged & Wanked off til he Cums!
Paddy our straight London geezer has progressed from solos to taking some big dildos up his ass & until today resisted our attempts to try and get him to progress a little. So he agreed that he was happy with a massage as long as fellow straight lad Zack was the “hands” for the shoot! So Paddy gets a right good full body massage, no parts left un-tensed; his back, front, shoulder, legs, abs, feet and glutes! Though soon after all that Zack drops some oil on Paddy’s cock and gets permission to rub it in! From that second on Paddy doesn’t touch his own cock and ends up being wanked off until he shoots his load in Zack’s hands! Great new adventure Paddy!

2. Straight Hairy Favourite Paddy - One Hell of A Dildo Workout!
Members favourite Paddy is definitely getting you all excited and judging by this video he's getting just as horny and turned on filming himself! After last times arse fingering, Paddy is back to try the infamous purple dildo. Always with his cheeky grin, he strips in no time and sets to work oiling up his hard cock and furry hole. In less than 30 seconds Paddy goes from tentatively playing with a few cm's of the dildo to taking it right down to the base! Getting himself really excited, he pumps his cock with one hand while pumping his ass with his other. Getting more and more breathless he takes the massive 10 inch dildo and uses it as a hammer to stuff the purple dildo deeper up his hole! Getting more furious with his pumping he dumps a massive load of gooey cum all over his abs; happy, exhausted and drained!

3. Straight Geezer Paddy O'Brian Kisses and Fucks the Brains out of Dan Broughton!
Everyone's favourite straight geezer Paddy O'Brian is back in this eagerly awaited video, where another boundary is smashed. It all starts with Paddy being called in to the bedroom by Dan who wants "to try out something." The something being a great big smacker of a kiss which Paddy seems to quite enjoy as the pair get in to some pretty full on snogging with lots of tongues. As things heat up, clothes get ripped off and this leads to Dan sucking down on Paddy's rock hard cock. Paddy is now really horny and is soon stuffing his cock in to Dan's eager hole. Dan gets a right good pounding as the pair fuck vigorously in a load of positions, Dan getting it long and deep with loads of sensual kissing; Dan shoots his load all over his chest followed by Paddy pulling out and cumming all over Dan's balls; how hot, wet and horny is that.

4. Straight Geezer Paddy O'Brian Fucks His 1st Guy - How Lucky is Mr Naughty Dan Broughton!
In the last year or so Paddy's popularity has grown enormously and with each shoot has taken little steps progressing to this moment. So for your pleasure watch Paddy fucking a guy for the very first time! Dan Broughton was the lucky lad you took Paddy’s big cock and enjoys deflowering straight boys boy ass virginity! Relaxing on the bed Paddy calls Dan over to help him out as he's feeling a bit horny. Dan starts by sucking down on Paddy's ever hardening cock, before Paddy says "bend over boy!" In that inimitable style only east end boys can! Wasting no time Dan is stripped and sliding a condom on to Paddy before taking the whole thing in his ass, a bit too quick and now he is gasping for breath! Paddy pounds away up Dan's hole until this cockney geezer pulls out and dumps his load all over Dan's leg this is followed in seconds by Dan jizzing all over the bed. Feeling relived Paddy goes "cheers mate" before leaving Dan in a worn out heap on the bed!

5. Site Favourite Paddy is back - Discovering Fingers Feel Good in Dark Places!
Paddy’s previous shoots have stayed in the top 10 since going on the website and so today with him stepping up some more and playing with his hole I guess there is a chance you will like what you see.. and of course encourage him on to his way to doing a little more! Paddy is as cheeky as ever and before stripping shows off his muscles by pumping some iron and trying a different exercise with less on each time! So pretty quick he is naked and smiling and holding weights; it is about the only way you can stop him playing with himself! So as soon as he puts them down he touches his cock and it’s full hard within seconds! To spice up his shoot today paddy slides a finger in and out of his hole – just check out how his whole body is moving as he builds to cum shot pumping his hole; dumping a massive load on his hairy abs!

6. Member Favourite Paddy - Battery Powered Toys Make You Explode!
We've been shopping and bought a selection on new "adult" toys, and couldn't think of anyone better to test drive them than site favourite, cockney hairy stud Paddy O'Brian. Paddy starts off in reverse, as we get him to shower and clean up before the fun starts! After his shower Paddy is completely alone, 2 fixed cameras, a bed, lots of oil and a load of toys. The result is an intimate show as you can see Paddy being horny and having fun in a subtly different way than when we are there filming him! He starts off by slowly teasing his cock, which doesn't take long to get nice and hard, before he flips round to show you his arse. He's quick to lube up and start experimenting and first up is the pink beads which he pops in his hole one by one. In all he stuffs about 5 toys up his arse including his brief big blue encounter! You'll soon realise the vibrator is his new favourite as he keeps going back to it, and uses it to have a tense orgasm as he kneels up and dumps his load all over the bed! Wow straight men left in a room of toys can have such fun!

7. Horny Str8 Geezer Paddy O'Brian Lets Dan Broughton be the 1st Man to Suck him! What an Explosion!
Since his first shoot Paddy has been one of our most popular models; he started with a solo, ventured on with larger and larger toys, was manhandled with a massage and today lets Danny be the first guy to suck his cock! Straight guys can be so un-predictable and today even Paddy admitted his fantasy ran wild once the blind fold went on! So safely blind folded Dan is playing the fantasy role of “sexy kitten Sam” and looking at how Paddy responds to gentle touches, body kisses, teasy squeezes then Paddy is well into his fantasy! When Dan tries to get Paddy’s boxers off it is quite a challenge to unhook them from such a hard a erection and when Paddy’s cock gets gobbled up in to Dan’s mouth Paddy’s cant hold back and fires off a couple of cum shots in the process. So we start three times, Paddy still gets hard to Dan’s supreme cock sucking and before long he blows his final load down Dan’s throat; Dan so turned on he gobbles it all up, whips out his own big uncut monster, stokes quickly a few times and unloads his cum all over Paddy’s hairy legs! Wow; now where can you take us next time, Paddy?!

8. A Very Excited Paddy O'Brian Fucks Darius into Submission
Darius is the quiet boy, Paddy is the in your face cockney and Darius does his job very diligently, never wanting to push forward to fast he pursues a gentle and teasy exploration of Paddy’s body taking his time before pulling down Paddy’s tight white boxers and getting a face full of Paddy’s growing cock! Darius touches real gentle and kisses Paddy on his cock, sucking a little before diving in and gobbling the lot. Paddy has had it with teasing and turns Darius round and shoves his throbbing erection right up Darius’s hole. He gasps, though he is soon being fucked til he can hardly talk, Paddy grabbing hold of him and treating him as a rag doll fucking him standing while Darius just clings on and gets stuffed. Darius gets it good and rough dumps his load while getting fucked and is soon covered in Paddy’s cum! Wow one hot sweaty session!
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