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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-03-01 |
This time it's a bit different from our usual fights. Sure, there are lots of schoolboypins and bullypins for you to see, but this time there's a twist. As a punishment for their bad grades at school, Shorty and Knut have to mow the lawn. While they're working, Shorty's cell phone drops out of his pocket. Knut notices and he takes it. At that point no one knows yet whether he intends to keep it for himself. He may have wanted to eventually return it to Shorty, but now it's too late for such considerations. Shorty discovers his loss, and he immediately accuses Knut. After all, there's no one else nearby who could have taken it. When Shorty finds his phone in Knut's possession they start to fight. At first they fight outside, but later they take their fight inside to the hall. Initially, Knut is all cocky about how he can beat Shorty, though he's in for a big surprise. Shorty plays with him, tosses him about, grabs him by his pants and throws him onto the mat. Shorty punishes Knut for stealing his phone. Knut tries to apologise repeatedly, but Shorty won't hear any of it. He torments and boxes Knut, grabs him between his legs and pulls him by the hair. Knut has to endure this suffering for almost an hour! Then, when Knut's suffering finally seems to be over, he returns and taunts Shorty. Once again, they start to fight, wearing only their tight slips by now. Cocky attitudes, a hard fight and hot scenes with two of Fightplace's most popular fighters await you in Schoolboypins 10.
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