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Treasure Island Media - BruthaLoad Vol 1

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BruthaLoad 1
distributor Treasure Island Media released ? length 117
category J/O
studio Treasure Island Media
rating out of 4 **
produced 2001
type Amateur
location U.S.
Buy or view this production at
Buy or view this production at
director Paul Morris
producer Paul Morris
videography Damon Dogg
David (tim)
Douglas (tim)
Eddie Kent
Longdong O'Shay
Marcus (tim)
Mike (tim)
Tony (tim)
Ukiah Woods
source: promotional material
Nine horse-hung ebony studs struttin', strokin', and shootin' their big juicy wads. Featuring Longdong O'Shay, Ukiah, horse-hung Sire, Marcus, "Two-Shot", and four more sexy studs. Includes the legendary "two- gallon cumshot" of pro-breeder Longdong O'Shay. You have to see it to believe it!
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source: promotional material
MIKE (Age 22, 5'9", 150#, 8.5" Cock)
A straight guy, Mike works as a gas station attendant. He's a total exhibitionist, likes to fuck his girlfriends in public places with strangers watching. Mike fucked his latest girlfriend in broad daylight in a public park. He loves a good blowjob, and loves eating pussy.

TONY (Age 30, 5'10", 175#, 8" Cock)
Gay, Tony is an escort / hustler. He's into outdoor sex and loves fucking young White guys in risky settings (such as parks or public bathrooms).

UKIAH (Age 22, 6'1", 170#, 9" Cock)
A relatively inexperienced (but adventurous) bisexual college student, Ukiah is studying Business Administration. He works at Starbucks part-time. Loves fucking Punk skaterboys and Goth chicks.

EDDIE KENT (Age 35, 6'1", 195#, 8" Cock)
Eddie is gay and likes muscular, in-shape White or Latin men ("men ... not boys!") with nice cocks. He's sexually versatile, loves both to fuck smooth tattooed White boys and to get fucked by muscular kinky White daddies. Eddie's big fantasy: To have "office sex" in a spacious corner office with an important executive wearing a suit and tie, knowing that people in the next building are probably watching.

SIRE (Age 21, 5'10", 155#, 9" Cock)
Straight (but has had sex twice with a man - for money) and a student, amateur DJ and supermarket clerk, Sire loves tag-teaming a hot girl with big tits.

MARCUS (Age 23, 6'2", 185#, 8.5" Cock)
A straight college student, Marcus is also a Varsity-level basketball player. He really gets into anal sex with girls ("I love it real tight!") and jazzes on getting long slow blowjobs.

O'SHAY (Age 24, 6', 170#, 9" Cock)
Straight and currently unemployed, O'Shay nonetheless is a man with obvious untapped talents. He's never been watched by a guy before, so he asked to do his solo "alone" in the room. He loves playing with his big cock - his incredible cum shot is a testimonial to that!

TWO-SHOT (Age 26, 5'9", 165#, 9.5" Cock)
Straight, an aspiring actor and model, Two-Shot was a hoot. Had a great cock. Not only didn't he mind the cameraman reaching in and copping a feel, he encouraged the cameraman to do it. If you want to see Two-Shot get his big ol' cock sucked by a guy for the first time, check him out (as performer "Notorious D.I.C.") in DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Volume 7: Phoenix. You can see why he earned his nickname of "Two-Shot."

DOUGLAS (Age 25, 5'11", 160#, 7" Cock)
Gay, Douglas is a computer technician. He loves to smoke weed and get his cock sucked by "a guy who knows what he's doing and doesn't have a gag reflex." People say he looks like Tyrese (the Black Male Supermodel).

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