Nick Vargas & Bjorn Nykvist

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Youngsters like Nick Vargas and Bjorn Nykvist can't resist each other, especially when they meet topless! They started kissing and slowly taking off their clothes before filling themselves with oil. Bjorn was the first to be overcome with lust, so he laid Nick down and started eating his ass. This, as expected, didn't satisfy the young blonde, so Nick even got a great blowjob before getting the chance to do the same in a 69 session. After that intense round of foreplay, their cocks and holes were ready for bareback. Bjorn spread his cheeks and Nick entered faster than lightning. The raw fucking that then began continued through several poses before Bjorn's cock began to drip with cum. This made Nick thrust even harder before he too splashed a load all over the now wide twink's hole.

2021-11-14 15:12:06
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