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Bait Bus Collection 257 episodes

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DescriptionRiding around town in a van picking up "straight" men and tricking them into having gay sex.

2003/All Screwed Up.wmv 183.98 MB
2003/Lunch Meat.wmv 141.78 MB
2003/Salt And Pepper.wmv 176.76 MB
2003/The Hip-Hop B-Boy.wmv 183.53 MB
2003/Welcome To Miami!!.wmv 189.65 MB
2006/Alex.wmv 332.25 MB
2006/All American Boy....wmv 413.61 MB
2006/Charlie's Lunch Break.wmv 451.95 MB
2006/Christian.wmv 420.49 MB
2006/Cole.wmv 343.71 MB
2006/Dana.wmv 404.31 MB
2006/For Real I'm Not Gay.wmv 463.12 MB
2006/Gionni.wmv 572.65 MB
2006/Hunter N' Sebastion.wmv 157.24 MB
2006/James.wmv 378.74 MB
2006/Jayden.wmv 255.52 MB
2006/Josh.wmv 389.30 MB
2006/Kit N Toby.wmv 199.35 MB
2006/Latin Lover.wmv 513.36 MB
2006/Loren.wmv 465.43 MB
2006/Malachi.wmv 567.95 MB
2006/Party On The Bus.wmv 342.70 MB
2006/Rome Is Burning!.wmv 321.72 MB
2007/All American College Boy.wmv 301.59 MB
2007/Another One Bites The Dust.wmv 317.46 MB
2007/Baby Mama Drama.wmv 435.50 MB
2007/Blake, The British Hottie!.wmv 252.34 MB
2007/Brodie's Day Off.wmv 292.76 MB
2007/California Voice Over Guy.wmv 249.38 MB
2007/Chinese Takeout.wmv 390.72 MB
2007/Cumming To America.wmv 413.54 MB
2007/Enrique The Sailor Hottie.wmv 251.98 MB
2007/Forty Five Hundred And Chase You Are Nuts.wmv 217.10 MB
2007/Fucking Hot Gay In Miami.wmv 131.01 MB
2007/G.I. Bang.wmv 405.94 MB
2007/Gay Sin Barreras.wmv 415.48 MB
2007/Good, Bad And The Baited.wmv 327.15 MB
2007/Heartbroken And Stranded.wmv 323.14 MB
2007/I Reckon.wmv 473.63 MB
2007/In Search For The Right Samples.wmv 314.37 MB
2007/International Spring Breaker.wmv 423.36 MB
2007/Its Game Time!.wmv 381.37 MB
2007/Jamie And The Marine.wmv 229.43 MB
2007/Jamie Gets His BANG!.wmv 148.33 MB
2007/Jamie's Birthday Bash!!.wmv 185.42 MB
2007/Jamie's Bye Bye!.wmv 255.62 MB
2007/Jason And His Hard Dick.wmv 186.10 MB
2007/Jason's Big Cock Rides The Bus.wmv 317.12 MB
2007/Kyle, NYC's Best!!.wmv 248.25 MB
2007/Lost But Found.wmv 378.72 MB
2007/Mike's Adventure.wmv 322.21 MB
2007/Mr Sensitive.wmv 428.40 MB
2007/Neo, The Canadian Stud!!.wmv 221.53 MB
2007/Out of Gas.wmv 456.77 MB
2007/Reality Rock Star On The Bus.wmv 403.38 MB
2007/Seek And Destroy!.wmv 356.47 MB
2007/Servicing Our Community.wmv 337.66 MB
2007/Sex Therapy.wmv 393.67 MB
2007/Sexual Chocolate.wmv 260.64 MB
2007/Sick & Twisted.wmv 231.29 MB
2007/Speedy Route.wmv 258.30 MB
2007/Spring Breaker.wmv 333.51 MB
2007/Stranded In America.wmv 320.78 MB
2007/Taking The Wrong Bus.wmv 319.23 MB
2007/Tennis Instructor Shows How To Play GAY Tennis!!!!!..wmv 439.87 MB
2007/The Chronicle Of Riddick.wmv 490.04 MB
2007/The Construction Worker.wmv 360.36 MB
2007/The Lost Gay Boy.wmv 337.09 MB
2007/The Reverse Perverse.wmv 498.99 MB
2007/The Sick Bitch Crew.wmv 239.11 MB
2007/The Unemployed Victim Gets On The Bus.wmv 408.88 MB
2007/Three Time The Charm.wmv 226.74 MB
2007/Trent; The 10 Inch Hottie.wmv 241.48 MB
2007/Tucker The Fucker.wmv 371.76 MB
2007/Two Guys, Two Blow, One Fuck.wmv 243.07 MB
2008/4 Grand For Real Italian Job.wmv 295.07 MB
2008/Ass Fuck Tour.wmv 670.25 MB
2008/Boy From Sin City.wmv 296.38 MB
2008/Brad's Shenanigan.wmv 313.68 MB
2008/Bradly's Confused Birthday.wmv 557.58 MB
2008/Brock And Balls.wmv 400.46 MB
2008/Chillaxin.wmv 472.39 MB
2008/Cinco De Mayo Fun.wmv 510.72 MB
2008/College Guy Got Confused.wmv 518.52 MB
2008/Confusion In Spring Break.wmv 293.38 MB
2008/Continue Spring Break To PJ.wmv 235.84 MB
2008/Day At The Park.wmv 522.91 MB
2008/Drill My Ass Jason !.wmv 205.29 MB
2008/Fire Crotch.wmv 431.75 MB
2008/Five Grand To Drill The Asscrack.wmv 335.01 MB
2008/Fucking With A Strap On.wmv 329.98 MB
2008/Head On Your Travels.wmv 448.23 MB
2008/Hook The Bait And Dump Him.wmv 230.26 MB
2008/Jay's Awesome Experience!.wmv 365.75 MB
2008/Jessie's First Fuck.wmv 202.20 MB
2008/Jon Gets the Bait Treatment .wmv 257.89 MB
2008/Lost In South FL.wmv 352.93 MB
2008/MEGA Coby Is Toasting.wmv 269.97 MB
2008/Nice Ride Home!.wmv 254.29 MB
2008/Out And About With Sunshine.wmv 171.42 MB
2008/Party Guy From Ohio.wmv 221.44 MB
2008/Pound Me Like A Wild Wolf!.wmv 379.65 MB
2008/Princeton Boy In Trouble.wmv 320.98 MB
2008/Revenge Is A Dish Best Serve Cold.wmv 254.16 MB
2008/Schwetty Oranges Last Box.wmv 310.09 MB
2008/Spencer For Hire.wmv 268.69 MB
2008/Tarkan's American Experience!.wmv 228.55 MB
2008/The Bangbus Bait.wmv 321.67 MB
2008/The Day After Cinco De Mayo.wmv 677.05 MB
2008/The Hard-on-Ween Edition.wmv 425.98 MB
2008/The Hurricane Bait.wmv 519.36 MB
2008/The Lucky Way Of The Cock.wmv 730.63 MB
2008/The Mean Wager.wmv 685.86 MB
2008/The Porn Convention.wmv 406.66 MB
2008/The Quick And The Gay.wmv 746.47 MB
2008/The Rusty Cock Stroke.wmv 306.38 MB
2008/The Shaggin Wagon.wmv 388.51 MB
2008/Turning Tricks On Lincoln Road.wmv 394.74 MB
2008/Two Girls, A Gay Dude And A Bus.wmv 890.57 MB
2008/Whale Dick.wmv 293.45 MB
2008/Zakk Hits From The Back.wmv 380.87 MB
2009/4th Time Is A Charm.wmv 462.23 MB
2009/A Man's Man.wmv 734.94 MB
2009/Athletic Hottie.wmv 624.01 MB
2009/Band Player In DA BUS.wmv 447.86 MB
2009/Barrel Racer From Texas!.wmv 461.98 MB
2009/Blue Eyed Cutie.wmv 779.11 MB
2009/Cake & Cock.wmv 789.72 MB
2009/Cock Thrusting And Balls Slapping.wmv 447.20 MB
2009/College Boy.wmv 537.11 MB
2009/DreadLocks.wmv 416.18 MB
2009/European Bait.wmv 340.56 MB
2009/From Ink To Porn.wmv 672.75 MB
2009/Gone Fishing.wmv 660.13 MB
2009/Happy Birthday Elle!.wmv 441.27 MB
2009/Help Me Im Stranded!!!.wmv 0.99 GB
2009/Hugo's Test!.wmv 282.33 MB
2009/In Need of A Tool .wmv 676.08 MB
2009/Jail House Cock.wmv 616.56 MB
2009/KING OF THE NERDS!!!!.wmv 665.05 MB
2009/Let Me Demo That Ass!!!.wmv 706.68 MB
2009/Looking For A Real Man.wmv 530.53 MB
2009/Master Blaster.wmv 775.76 MB
2009/Meet Your Biggest Fan!!.wmv 616.00 MB
2009/New And Pretty Bait.wmv 429.92 MB
2009/Pool Boy Pickup.wmv 869.90 MB
2009/Porn Resume.wmv 442.96 MB
2009/Revenge of the NERD!!! .wmv 692.69 MB
2009/Rock Out With Your Cock Out.wmv 871.72 MB
2009/Roid Rage!! .wmv 512.47 MB
2009/Scoring With The Sub Boy.wmv 784.79 MB
2009/Sexy Guy For Today.wmv 432.82 MB
2009/Smuggle It If You Can.wmv 496.72 MB
2009/Southern Boy.wmv 849.44 MB
2009/Southern Luvin.wmv 732.50 MB
2009/Stranded Biker Boy.wmv 653.82 MB
2009/Surfs Up.wmv 766.23 MB
2009/The Cody Twist.wmv 721.36 MB
2009/The Colombian Connection.wmv 525.82 MB
2009/The Indian Giver.wmv 759.15 MB
2009/The Stripper Consultant.wmv 737.03 MB
2009/The Ultimate Porn Star.wmv 775.90 MB
2009/Top & Bottom For The Broke Guy.wmv 0.99 GB
2009/Welcome To MIAMI!!.wmv 751.51 MB
2009/You Win Some, You Lose Some!!.wmv 658.28 MB
2010/A Cup Of Tea With The Brit!.wmv 650.84 MB
2010/A Hole In 1!!!.wmv 705.09 MB
2010/A Hole Is A Goal.wmv 637.22 MB
2010/All Aboard With Parker London.wmv 688.69 MB
2010/Army Boy Has A Big Gun .wmv 812.52 MB
2010/Between A Cock And A Hard Place.wmv 274.90 MB
2010/Bo Dean Is In The Fucking House.wmv 501.78 MB
2010/Brad Star & Goliath.wmv 650.78 MB
2010/Breaking The Ass.wmv 653.97 MB
2010/Changing The Oil.wmv 742.88 MB
2010/Checking Steven's Air Pressure .wmv 745.63 MB
2010/Cock-inTail Coming Right Up!!!.wmv 585.04 MB
2010/Double Ginger .wmv 729.70 MB
2010/Double The Ginger, Double The Fun.wmv 591.72 MB
2010/Even Country Boys Can Fuck.wmv 738.48 MB
2010/Exactly What The Doctor Ordered.wmv 577.90 MB
2010/Fist Pumping On The Bus.wmv 632.78 MB
2010/Football Hero.wmv 693.89 MB
2010/From The Metro Rail To The Bus.wmv 703.82 MB
2010/Getting Some Of The Pole-atician.wmv 704.73 MB
2010/Hello There Flower Boy .wmv 797.41 MB
2010/I Got A 4.0.wmv 644.30 MB
2010/I Got That New Boom Boom.wmv 692.31 MB
2010/I Want The Maintenance Man.wmv 724.98 MB
2010/Mall Ass.wmv 610.26 MB
2010/Men At Work.wmv 574.17 MB
2010/Navy Boy Toy!.wmv 663.59 MB
2010/Plowing The Backyard.wmv 647.80 MB
2010/Pumping That Ass!!.wmv 656.65 MB
2010/Rod Daily Is In The House.wmv 565.51 MB
2010/Short Changing The Banker.wmv 633.64 MB
2010/Sorry But Your Not Going To The Mall.wmv 671.91 MB
2010/Spencer The Ass Slapper.wmv 565.00 MB
2010/Steven Daigle is on the Hunt .wmv 598.83 MB
2010/Steven Gets The Hard Hat .wmv 650.33 MB
2010/Steven's Itching For A Sticking.wmv 648.65 MB
2010/Surfs Up Dude!.wmv 515.50 MB
2010/The Art Of Confusion.wmv 604.83 MB
2010/The Boston Tea Party.wmv 687.47 MB
2010/The Joke's On You.wmv 707.47 MB
2010/The Picture Perfect Bait & Switch.wmv 772.40 MB
2010/The Recession Cock.wmv 513.28 MB
2010/Vince Wants To Rev Your Engine.wmv 722.04 MB
2010/Waiting For The Bus.wmv 588.33 MB
2011/Asian Cuisine To Go.wmv 667.81 MB
2011/Asshole Knockout!.wmv 570.17 MB
2011/Backwoods Disco Dancer.wmv 673.36 MB
2011/Bait Bus Wins Again!.wmv 661.56 MB
2011/Baiting The Jogger.wmv 598.47 MB
2011/Basketballs In Ponce's Mouth!.wmv 568.70 MB
2011/Bite the Seatbelt!.wmv 570.15 MB
2011/Cali Boy Sawg!!.wmv 511.12 MB
2011/Catching The Wild One.wmv 572.96 MB
2011/Cock Shopping.wmv 604.99 MB
2011/Cole Is Fixin To Bust A Nut.wmv 714.69 MB
2011/Cole is Back and Hungry.wmv 699.66 MB
2011/Decompressing In Ponce's Booty!.wmv 556.85 MB
2011/Dick Being Served On The Bus.wmv 623.78 MB
2011/Dj Caught In The Mix.wmv 635.07 MB
2011/Doing It For My GF!.wmv 702.63 MB
2011/Fist Pumping In Steven's Ass.wmv 583.72 MB
2011/Fresh Ass For 2011 The Ponce Way.wmv 598.07 MB
2011/Fucking Dudes For The Wifey.wmv 715.69 MB
2011/Fucking Santa's Elf.wmv 736.56 MB
2011/Jr. On The Hunt.wmv 667.89 MB
2011/Just How We Like'Em. Tatted Up!.wmv 613.14 MB
2011/Loads Of Fun!.wmv 666.37 MB
2011/Looking For The Miami Experience!.wmv 693.16 MB
2011/Loving the Mexican Enchilada.wmv 737.17 MB
2011/Lumberjack Love.wmv 645.63 MB
2011/Making the GF Happy.wmv 745.71 MB
2011/Mexican Dishing The Enchilada.wmv 638.07 MB
2011/Mixing Up The Bartender.wmv 631.33 MB
2011/Nerd Has a Big Tool.wmv 653.52 MB
2011/Occupy Galvins Ass.wmv 684.44 MB
2011/On the Prowl for Block Cock.wmv 632.73 MB
2011/Paging Dr. Ben.wmv 726.80 MB
2011/Pump and Dump.wmv 494.09 MB
2011/Rachel Starr Tricks a Fan Day.wmv 629.50 MB
2011/Ricky Sinz is Mr. International.wmv 624.06 MB
2011/Riding The Cowboy.wmv 708.46 MB
2011/Rock Body Full Workout.wmv 647.66 MB
2011/Shopping for Straight Cock.wmv 649.55 MB
2011/Snagging The Wanker.wmv 697.85 MB
2011/Talk Dark And Handsome Saves The Day.wmv 621.75 MB
2011/This Baits Electric!.wmv 827.29 MB
2011/This Is How We Fuck In Texas!.wmv 613.27 MB
2011/Tricking The Sailor Boy.wmv 752.18 MB
2011/Tricking the Country Boy.wmv 595.48 MB
2011/WTF!! I'm Scared For Life.wmv 674.71 MB
2011/We Got Some Asian Sensation.wmv 609.74 MB
2011/Welcome To Miami!!.wmv 613.12 MB

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