♺ Stud Mall - Barebackin' Boyfriends 3: Tony & Steve (avi)

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Original upload: 2012-08-13 |
This is a high resolution (720x480)  XVID copy of Studmall's Barebackin' Boyfriends 3.

Very hot sex.  Bad videography. 

The video camera they used isn't the best quality.  They used natural lighting on a day when the sun was in and out of the clouds.  It's too bright and things are washed out.  Then it's too dim and the clarity suffers. 

Yet the men involved and the sex they have are both screaming hot.  Two super masculine bear men have incredibly uninhibited sex.  They both love to top.  They both love to bottom. 

None of that mechanical disinterested pretty boy sex so many studios put out today.

Two enthusiastic paws up.
2015-10-10 13:33:06
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