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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-04-27 |
Whether you know him as pbastarb720, PhilFlexes, or Justooraw, he's been rather busy producing flexing and 'private' videos since he turned 18.

Here's a collection of some pics, some non-nude (but bulging) flex videos, and, of course, several 'private' videos he's done.

Enjoy :)

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Jerk Off Vids/justooraw.MOV 820.68 MB
Jerk Off Vids/just00raw2.MOV 182.78 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/glimpse of the life of a workout addict.mp4 150.48 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/stickam show 1.flv 87.24 MB
Jerk Off Vids/phil_justooraw.flv 53.53 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/stickam show 2.flv 51.46 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/high defintion posing.mp4 38.46 MB
Jerk Off Vids/phil.mov 33.71 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/after working out at the gym flex.mp4 30.31 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/visit wwwjustoorawfitnesscom.mp4 21.15 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/flex and curls.flv 10.57 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/NEW FLEX VIDEO.mp4 9.25 MB
Jerk Off Vids/Shower.flv 8.27 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/( high definition ) ronnie coleman legs sponsors donations.mp4 4.85 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/natural bodybuilderathlete.flv 3.85 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/muscle flexing.flv 3.29 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/new quick flex.flv 3.29 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/flexing.mp4 3.03 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/Before beach flex.flv 2.94 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/ronnie coleman legs sponsors donations.mp4 2.65 MB
YouTube:Flex Vids/july 6th flex.mp4 2.26 MB
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PICS/IMG_1589.jpeg 158.39 KB
PICS/f9beae47bfa84285b25645f236d20a96.jpg 126.54 KB
PICS/768a905342cf428e8f4bade7f29f4c4f.jpg 123.31 KB
PICS/IMG_1560.jpeg 116.66 KB
PICS/IMG_1591.jpeg 85.83 KB
PICS/f6f74530f6854bf296c7986b3e4e08f8.JPG 81.08 KB
PICS/IMG_0720.jpg 48.30 KB
PICS/22.jpg 33.17 KB
PICS/abs1.jpg 17.92 KB

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