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DescriptionFebruary 13, 2004, San Francisco, CA -- San Francisco-based Raging Stallion Studios has announced the release of "PleXus!," the final installment in director Chris Ward's "SeXus" Trilogy. "Plexus!," which features a new score from J.D. Slater and a cast of men from three continents, is a precisely filmed study in the art of the orgy. Raging Stallion exclusives Shane Rollins (now sporting a fine hairy chest), Michael Vincenzo, Brendan Austen and Jerek, are joined by Lance Gear, Tony Serrano, Andreas Stern and newcomer Alex Steele. The full edit of "PleXus!" (there are two versions -- a retail edit and a two-disc hardcore edit) runs something over three hours and includes one of the most remarkable special features ever filmed. Ward, knowing that this was the grand finale of a very ambitious and highly regarded project, decided to hire an additional camera crew to shoot the entire making of "PleXus!" from a behind-the-scenes perspective. Entitled "Reel to Real," this 65-minute segment is actually an entire second porn movie that follows fluffer Michael Brandon all around the Raging Stallion shooting complex. Edited MTV-style, "Reel to Real" is an extended study of oral sex ("PleXus!" itself focuses on anal activity). The second disc also features two full-on fisting and buttplay scenes.

Building on the momentum of the earlier movies in the series, "PleXus!" showcases a unique method of filming group sex which deconstructs the orgy into smaller points of focus that allow for better coverage of individual pairings within the context of a larger orgy.

Ward offered his take on orgies: "The thing I hate most about orgies in porn is that you always end up with a bunch of guys, cutting between this and that, not getting a sense of who is fucking who, et cetera. And you rarely get any feel for a connection between models. That all adds up to boring." But Ward found a way around the group scene conundrum. "What I do is to set up the orgy as a context -- make the orgy itself the 'set.' The camera then heads in tight to focus on a smaller pairing of two or three guys. We film them for a long time, effectively getting an entire scene, before moving back into the group to select another pairing for closer study. This allows me to shoot smaller sex scenes within a multi-man context."

"NeXus," the second movie in the series, is currently up for two GayVN nominations: Best DVD and Best Group Scene. (Ward has received his third Best Director nomination in three years for another film, "A Porn Star Is Born.") Raging Stallion hopes to eventually release the entire "SeXus" trilogy as a six-disc set, effectively creating an eight-hour must-have classic for all fans of the "art of the orgy."

1. Michael Vincenzo Or, Lance Gear Og
The cast begin to merge into one contorting heap of flesh, trilogy star Gear blowing beautiful cover-boy Vincenzo to a five-burst explosive orgasm, echoing the display with his own pyrotechnic plumes of pearls, which he proceeds to lick from Vincenzo’s hairy legs and shiny black boots.

2. Alex Steele (us) OrgAb, Andreas Stern OgAt, Tony Serrano Or
Once the spooge has well and truly flown from the assembled collective, we begin a series of smaller, more intimate groups. First up is hairy foreign daddy Stern, whose uncut dong gets more and more engorged with blood as he caresses the steel pecs of Steele, slapping and fingering his prostrate body before spinning him around like a rag-doll and pounding the shit out of the gasping stud. Serrano joins in, offering up his tool for the greedy bottom, spitroasted like a dirty pig. When the two top men trade positions there’s no rest for poor Steele: Serrano has bundles of pent-up energy and Stern lives up to his name, slapping the face of the suckslut when he fails to keep deep-throating.

3. Tony Serrano At, Lance Gear Ab
Suddenly, Gear is on the receiving end of Serrano’s hammering, and though it’s confusing seeing one guy then another without the usual introductory preamble, it works great here. It tells us one thing: Everyone is gonna get fucked, and they are all gonna get fucked well.

4. Tony Serrano OgAtRg, Shane Rollins OrAbRr, Michael Vincenzo At
Rollins is next to replace Gear as the recipient of the tireless Serrano’s attentions. The skinhead plaything dangles from the bars and chains of the set as the goateed Serrano licks his cock, balls and hole before rubbering up and slapping his hips against those hungry, responsive ass-cheeks. Rollins’ gymnastic poses and positions threaten to exhaust Serrano, so the torch is passed to Vincenzo, who continues the rhythmic thrashing that could split Rollins into two. Grunting appreciatively as he dangles, Rollins gets the tops to treat him like nothing more than a hole. Well and truly pumped, he leads the trio with a tidal wave of white-hot white joy-piss.

5. Tony Serrano At, Michael Vincenzo Ab
Serrano’s still hungry, and throws the unsuspecting Vincenzo into the sling. But this new bottom boy son learns to take it like a man, his prick rock-hard as he receives the attentions he had recently blessed upon Rollins. Things get overheated very quickly and the sweaty duo shoot their juice everywhere, Serrano greedily licking his load from Vincenzo’s drained balls and puckered asseye.

6. Brendan Austen At, Jerek (rs) OrAb, Michael Vincenzo OgAt
Jerek may be a relative newcomer to porn, but when it’s his turn in the sling he shines like a professional, swallowing blonde hunk Austen’s thick prick up his ass while his own angrily erect monster is swallowed by insatiable the Vincenzo who finishes this short but sexually adventurous sequence by covering them in his love-load.

7. Andreas Stern Or, Lance Gear Og, Shane Rollins
The fucktastic finale opens with the returning Gear being ploughed senseless by big bully Stern, who in reality is simply warming Gear up for the seeing-to of a lifetime by the aggressive Rollins. Soon all the cast are reunited for an unforgettable frenzied fifteen minute free-for-all of face-sucking, finger-fucking, hole-munching and ass-punching that once seen, will be forever burned onto your retinas.
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action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
reviews From ManNet

With "PleXus!," director Chris Ward completes a masterpiece trilogy. He has created three distinctly different orgy experiences, each quite powerful.
In a room decorated with metal-pipe scaffolding, the men spotlight each other with big flashlights. From there, they break up into pairs and three-ways.

Lance Gear, as fine as ever, gets the party started, sucking Michael Vincenzo's hard bone urgently. Michael is a swarthy man with tan skin, a sleek physique and a hearty dick. Lance, with his insatiable appetite for cock, takes it slow, lavishing lots of saliva on the prize as he glances up at a very happy Michael. Cut to: Brendan Austen, a muscular Aussie with a pink complexion and a buzz-cut, sucking Tony Serrano, a tall Latino with a big dick and tan skin. Tony then gorges on Andreas, and later, as they kiss passionately, Brendan worships them from below.

Andreas is a Russian hunk, a true he-man. He has a huge uncut cock, thick mustache, muscular body and a hairy chest. His prey, Alex Steele, already splayed out on a bench, is a gorgeous Spaniard with hard muscles, a mustache and beautiful eyes. Andreas sensually rubs Alex's thighs, ass and cock with his hands, then mouth, pressing his head deep in the crotch as he nuzzles, licks and sucks. His antics aren't just for show -- he's prepping the stud for a good fucking. He flips him over, slides his long penis in, and proceeds to slowly but surely fuck Alex. Tony enters, feeds Alex cock, and Andreas keeps on fucking. They switch, and Tony invades Alex as Andreas stuffs his mouth with cock.

Tony fucks Lance standing-doggy, Lance's grins and grunts becoming more maniacal with every thrust. Tony then pounces on Shane Rollins, sucking and rimming him, then doggy-fucking him, Shane's buttcheeks shaking as Tony pounds into him. Michael comes over, and Tony and Michael fuck Shane in a sling-like position, Shane holding himself aloft by chains hanging from the ceiling. Nice images as they fuck his hole and Shane's big dick and balls flop around. Tony then sling-fucks Michael, fucking him as if it's the last piece of ass he'll ever get.
For the finale, Brendan fucks Jerek in a sling as Michael sucks Jerek's hard dick. Brendan slams in and out of Jerek as Michael helps by blowing Jerek's long dick. Lance, on his knees, sucks Andreas eagerly, deep-throating the impossibly long penis without gagging once. When he gets up to get in the sling to be fucked, he has a raging hardon that proves he enjoyed sucking as much as Andreas enjoyed being sucked. Andreas then fucks Lance, staring at him intensely as he pumps away. Shane then moves in and takes over, fucking Lance as harshly as he had been by Tony and Michael earlier. Across the way, Michael fucks Alex from behind. And Andreas sling-fucks Brendan as he sucks Tony as Tony's rimming Jerek. In the end, they all shoot big loads, tummies and crotches dripping with cum as the screen fades out.

"PleXus!" works on so many different levels, and is the exclamation point at the end of a spectacular trilogy, exceptional individually, peerless as a whole.

From GayVideoDad

Director Chris Ward concludes his artistic and sensual exploration of the Art of the Orgy with his latest offering, PleXus! The production values and casting are topnotch, just as in his prior two installments, SeXus, and NeXus. This is by no means a perfect film, but is does belong on your shelf whether you are a serious connoisseur or simply looking for the hottest new video to keep you company while your lover is sawing logs in the next room.

The Academy-Award winning cinematographer Gordon Willis used intense darkness to great dramatic effect in The Godfather. Likewise, Ward and videographer Hempling use darkness not only to dramatically introduce the cast but also to tease us, leaving us eager to see the cast more clearly. Surely this extended credits scene has solved a problem plaguing many videos -- how to make the opening credits sexy. In fact, it's one of the hottest scenes in the movie!

At the film's start, the cast finds itself in a very dimly lit orgy room with only flashlights to help them see who else is in the room with them. After slowly caressing each other with beams of light, they immediately begin to caress each other's bodies with their tongues. We are introduced to each of them in turn until each experiences oral or manual relief. Michael Vincenzo is the real standout here as he gets sucked off by Lance Gear. Gear swallows Vincenzo's load in a nice oral cumshot, and then shoots off a nice one himself. Vincenzo's intense facial expression and heavy abdominal breathing as Gear brings him off are hot enough to make you cream your jeans, and then you remember that this is only the beginning!

Newcomer Alex Steele earns his name in the next scene. Here his dick is so hard I was half expecting it to snap when furry Andreas Stern bends it down to suck on it. Stern then turns Steele around and doggie fucks him. Hot Tony Serrano joins them, and Steel licks his Latino lollipop while continuing to get plugged by Stern. Serrano arrives just in time, since both Stern and Steele begin to look a bit bored with each other. Steele perks up when given the opportunity to worship Serrano's cock. Serrano then switches with Stern, and the audience has the opportunity of seeing the best taint in this flick. Serrano's taint is so big and protruding that it looks like there's another four inches of dick below his balls.

As you may have gathered from the previous paragraph, Stern does exhibit some problems here. Although he has a body to die for: Rugged, furry and, I swear, the handsomest uncut cock on the planet, his topping technique leaves a bit to be desired. He happens to explain, later on the second disc, that he gets stage fright. That might explain his slightly uneven performance here.
In the next scene, Serrano fucks Gear, or rather, Gear fucks Serrano's cock with the ass-wiggling and perfect back-thrusting action that only hard-core sex pigs like Gear know so well. This is a stand-up fuck. Gear's dick stays hard throughout and does a great flip-flop from the cock pounding his ass gives to Serrano's meat. Now, Serrano is no slouch as a banger, but with Gear as your bottom in a fuck click, you may as well figure he's going to steal the scene no matter what.

The next scene highlights Shane Rollins and Serrano. Blond Rollins shows off a swimmer's physique that has been built up almost to the point of looking like a gymnast's. He looks to be all arms and legs with a face that is puppy-dog cute as he towers over Serrano while getting his thick prick and beefy round butt licked. They get down to business quickly when the scene shifts abruptly to Serrano giving Rollins' rump a rough ride. Later, Rollins lifts himself up in the air via a gymnast's ring and repeatedly lifts and lowers his little brown ring onto Serrano's eager cock. Rollins earns a solid 10 in my book for this very hot maneuver. Steele arrives, and he and Serrano take turns on Rollins' ass. The scene ends when Rollins jacks off a luscious double-cummer.

The next scene is one of those hot, intense quickies we all love. Here, Serrano fucks Vincenzo in a sling. Vincenzo squirts a watery load, then a heavy gusher. Vincenzo gives it all he's got, but, unfortunately, Serrano barely manages to shoot a blank.

Smooth Aussie Brendan Austen fucks Jerek in a sling in the next scene, with Vincenzo lending back-up support. Vincenzo wastes no time going down on Jerek, who enviably gets to be in that position we all dream about -- getting fucked and sucked at the same time. Jerek, you'll notice, has two of the biggest gonads in the business, real low-hangers, and they get a nice little pounding from Austen's abdomen early on. Vincenzo then takes over for Austen and finishes by spraying his jizz all over Jerek's dick in what is a very nice finish.

As the next scene begins, Stern face-fucks Gear. Gear, befitting his sex-pig status, quickly raises his legs for Stern. The lighting director is then responsible for one of the most beautiful views of Gear's posterior ever captured for posterity! I've never seen ass hairs glisten like that, even in real-life! Stern warms Gear up, then departs. Credit director Ward for making Stern's scenes as a top appear to sizzle as much as they do. However, sex-pig Gear, as we all know, is insatiable, and Rollins comes in to finish him off. The rest of the cast then arrives for the orgy/climax in which everyone gets to squeeze out one last load.
The standout here is Gear. In the second disc Hard Core Edit, Gear even shines in two more separate features. In the first, he fucks Austen's creamy white ass with a Michael Brandon "clone" dildo. What's hot about this is that Gear uses it like a strap on, and you actually believe he's getting as much pleasure using it as he would using his own. Austen doesn't even have to act in this one -- he's clearly enjoying every second of the dildo fuck.

In the next scene of the Hard Core Edit, Gear again shines as he teaches apparent novices Stern and Steele how to really "reach for the stars." In this case, that involves reaching his hand up into the willing guts of Jerek. Jerek's lower intestines make a couple of guest appearances, and at the end, they give a rather convincing impression of an American Beauty. Nevertheless, Gear is the real pro here. It seems that there is nothing that this guy cannot do. And he makes you believe that whatever it is he's doing, it is the hottest thing he has ever done, or will ever do. Gear deserves a plaque in the Hall of Fame for his great string of hot performances.

The final feature on the Hard Core Edit is a behind-the-scenes view of the making of the film. It's hosted by Michael Brandon, who acts as fluffer for the film's cast. He fluffs most of the cast members, as well as himself. Once again, and I hope you're not tired of me saying this, Gear is the standout. After blowing Brandon, he takes the oral cumshot. This guy just can't get enough, and I can't get enough of him.
In brief, Ward has assembled a peerless group of studs to finish off his trilogy. The production values are excellent, and the background grunting and groaning noises seem very real and not overdubbed at all. Lance Gear is a standout among standouts. Vincenzo and Rollins both have some very hot moments. The only negatives are the quality of some of the cumshots and the lethargic topping style of Stern. It's too bad, because this is one hot-looking guy, and as I said, I think he's got the handsomest looking cock I've ever seen. Perhaps his natural calling is as a bottom or as a solo- or oral-only artist. With a look like his, there has got to be a place for him in this business.

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