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Anonymous 23yo guy beaten hard and taking it like a man.

Courtesy of NWO Blog :

There is something very exciting about beating and spanking an ass for the first time.  Watching and hearing the reactions to different implements and different levels of severity are what builds a good foundation for a series of hard CP punishment sessions.  Taking a guy to his limit and then pushing some way past that is the name of the game.

Neil contacted me a week or so ago and seems to be having some motivational issues when it comes to practising the cello (which he plays exceptionally well).  At his age (only 23), it's likely that other things such as drinking and young women are distracting him.  He admitted that he's been hanging out with his friends a lot rather than staying home to practise.

I always say that all-male CP is a valid correctional punishment regardless of sexuality and so I was more than happy to take Neil in hand.  He had not been properly disciplined since he left home 4 years ago and so he needs to be re-introduced to the belts similar to those that kept him in line when he was younger.

I really enjoyed reminding Neil of how much a good belting and paddling can hurt.  My intention was to turn his youthful ass into a red, angry and bruised pair of buttocks within about 15 minutes and so I got down to the task in hand.

Paddling and spanking are always humiliating and a good introduction to what is to come.  He clearly drew on his previous experience in taking this punishment as it was pretty hard after an initial warm-up.  He was not restrained because I wanted him to put all his effort into taking it and holding his position which I have to say, he did admirably.

When it came to the belt, he just gritted his teeth and endured it which is the right things to do.  He knew that getting up would just mean that I would restrain him and so he worked hard not to give up that freedom.  He calls out quite a bit - he definitely feels it - but all in all, takes his punishment like a man.
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