Going Deep Down Under (2004) Pistol - Raging Stallion

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director Matt Black

Cannon Lee
Carlos Morales (ve)
Joshua Adams
Karl Rawiri

Take a Tour Deep Down-Under With the Men from Pistol Media!
...and while you're at it pop in for a PORN party at Sydney's famous Sleaze Ball, a live SEX-show and a dive-holiday recovery in beautiful, tropical Northern Australia! It's a non-stop, action-packed, American/Aussie, hi-energy porn tour that should make you laugh and blow - several times in 120 minutes! If you're a fan of reality porn you will be happy to note that the men were horny and the camera was rolling for almost the entire trip!

1. Carlos Morales (ve), Joshua Adams
The first scene was shot on a secluded beach in one of the few parts of the world where the rainforest meets coral. Carlos Morales and Josh Adams are as much of a feast for the eye as the landscape. The guys fuck, suck, and blow their way around the beach with the ocean beating on the rocks around them. The buildup to this scene is intense - and so is the sex!

2. Joshua Adams, Karl Rawiri
Scene 2 sees Josh and Karl Rawiri dive from the back of the beautiful ketch, The Extasea, and snorkel around Australia's famous Great Barrier Reef. After they're back on board the action starts as the two studs romp and fuck their way around the back of the boat. It's awesome hot sex, hunky men, and a backdrop that will have you calling your travel agent!

3. Cannon Lee, Carlos Morales (ve), Karl Rawiri
In Scene 3 Cannon and Karl have stripped Carlos naked and leave him strung-up between two pandanus palms on a bluff overlooking the beautiful Coral Sea. The two muscle-men fuck and blow him over and over until finally cutting him free of his bonds. It's a feast of flying cum and man-flesh that will leave you rock hard and wanting to watch it again and again. If you're into big, hard, handsome men this scene is as good as it gets.

4. Cannon Lee, Joshua Adams
The magical beauty of the Great Barrier Reef never ceases to amaze even the most seasoned divers. However, when you throw Cannon Lee and Josh Adams into the picture it becomes even more spectacular...especially when they're so clearly HOT for each other! The guys couldn't even keep their hands off each other when scuba diving! What happens back on deck when the dominant Cannon gets his unrestrained meat into Josh's ass will leave your tongue hanging. Even the ocean swells couldn't pry these guys apart!
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