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DescriptionI tried uploading this before but didn't have time to seed it properly so here, again, is the entire collection of any show in the history of str8cam where jeff, our muscle star, wears a thong. Jeff of Str8cam is an absolute pioneer in the world of straight webcam shows for gay worshiping eyes. I admittedly have a thong fetish, and for me there is nothing hotter than a straight muscle buck showing his goods in a tight thong that goes right up his straight stinky poop shoot. Jeff's body is so vascular, his face is too handsome and his juicy, melon cheeseburger ass is so perfect. this is a big file but completely worth the download as these are some rare clips you would only have access to if you were once a member of the site and dug around the archives to find this content specifically. The quality of the video varies. Videos range in years from 2002 to around 2007. the earlier videos are obviously not the best quality but they are by no means unwatchable. And i'm sure you'll forgive the slight grain because Jeff is in his fucking prime. A young, lean, straight muslce hunk ready to show off all his hard work in the gym in tiny t-back thongs and g-strings. there are 4 videos where jeff doesn't wear a thong, but I included these because they were especially ass-centric, so you're welcome. jeff cums in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO (often jerking with a thong on with the string getting eaten by his straight butt hole) and every video has sound. no video is under 30 minutes.

29jun02cableanddsl.wmv 162.92 MB
02aug03cableanddsl.wmv 135.98 MB
23mar02cableanddsl.wmv 133.79 MB
27apr02cableanddsl.wmv 127.35 MB
17mar02 singlet.wmv 114.22 MB
08nov06.rm 99.65 MB
26oct06.rm 92.45 MB
20jul03cableanddsl.wmv 88.10 MB
07sep03cableanddsl.wmv 87.24 MB
21aug07.rm 83.74 MB
30mar02cableanddsl.wmv 83.36 MB
04june07 (no thong).rm 75.69 MB
02aug06.rm 71.59 MB
20apr02cableanddsl.wmv 69.42 MB
30may07.rm 68.95 MB
24feb02cableanddsl (wedgie).wmv 65.47 MB
lollipop suck and cum28dec07.rm 63.37 MB
25april07.rm 63.32 MB
07march07.rm 57.94 MB
10july07.rm 57.92 MB
17nov02cableanddsl.wmv 57.65 MB
12sep07.rm 55.95 MB
16july07.rm 49.67 MB
11dec06.rm 37.47 MB
18apr04 (no thong).rm 31.05 MB
06jun04.rm 28.42 MB
03jul04.rm 28.30 MB
10apr04.rm 27.35 MB
12dec07 (no thong).rm 26.66 MB
19sep04 (jockstrap).rm 25.34 MB
01aug04.rm 25.08 MB
08aug04.rm 24.78 MB
02may05.rm 24.51 MB
09may04.rm 24.24 MB
02may04 (no thong).rm 24.13 MB
11aug05.rm 21.14 MB
30june05.rm 18.14 MB
18dec04.rm 15.91 MB
30mar06.rm 14.73 MB
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