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Wrestling Chace LaChance Vs Cal Bennett

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DescriptionTalk about hunks! This match features two huge helpings of bulging biceps, massive pecs, and ripped abs. Best Body nominee Chace LaChance has fought some of the hottest hunks we've come across in recent years, and he's always on the lookout for fresh meat to test his strength and skill against. Well he certainly hit the jackpot when he heard of bodybuilder and rookie wrestler Cal Bennett. Cal has stepped into the ring with the constantly improving bod of Chace to prove that all those rippling muscles aren't just for show. The fresh-faced rookie is going to learn fast that it takes more than a rock hard body to survive in a wrestler's world, and Chace is more than ready to pound that lesson right into the newcomer's skull.

While Chace has proven himself in the ring, he's no slouch when it comes to showing off a stunning physique, even challenging Cal to a pose-down before their match. Both men's muscles look pumped and ready for action, but Chace is quick to explain to the rookie Cal that it's not size but strength that'll keep him in the game. Cal doesn't back down from any challenge. Before the bell rings we're treated to a deliciously simple display of power as these studs go down to the mat to see who's arm will win out in a single round of arm-wrestling. After over a minute of biceps bulging and peaking - and glutes shining - it's Chace's arm that slowly but surely is brought down to the mat! He reluctantly admits defeat but, sure it must be a fluke, offers Cal a classic standing test of strength. Cal grips Chace's hands tight, and proceeds to bear down on the man with all his considerable power. Experience or not, Chace may have underestimated this rookie wrestler's abilities as he's slowly forced to drop to one knee, then both, before he's thrown to the mat. Another win to newcomer Bennett.

Chace crawls on his knees, knowing he can't outmuscle the big man. His mind is working though; his time in the BG East ring has taught him plenty of tricks to take down a towering opponent. The first real shot Cal feels in his wrestling career is a stiff arm lifted right between his legs, and the stud is squirming on the mat before he even knows he's been hit. Chace stays on top of Cal even as he writhes in pain. He's not interested in making this rookie's initiation easy, or even fair. Before Cal can catch his breath, he feels the bicep he beat earlier closing around his throat. The bodybuilder shows his power as he struggles to his feet, even lifting Chace from the mat, but he can't shake the more experienced wrestler. Cal sinks low, crawling for the ropes. Chace could finish this match only minutes after it's begun, but he's not ready to let the newbie off the hook just yet. He drops Cal just long enough for the stud to suck in some much needed air, then drags him back in for more schooling in the ways of the BG East ring.Chace's sadistic side starts to shine as he stretches the stud's limbs to their limits. Cal's chest muscles look ready to tear as he's spread wide in the ring, his marvelous abs on full display as he's moved into a neck breaker. Chace is slow and methodical in breaking the new boy's body with its many splendors. He rides a camel clutch until the sweating stud screams in agony as his huge shoulders and back are wrenched beyond his endurance.

Cal can only take so much, but he won't take it lying down. As Chace moves in again the rookie is up in a flash, his hand closing on his tormentor's throat, shoving Chace into the turnbuckle so hard it shakes the ring. Chace is caught, unable to breathe, but Bennett's lack of experience shows again as he fails to capitalize. Chace fights through the pain burning in his lungs and drops the massive muscleman with an unexpected kick to his crotch, leaving Cal once more facedown and moaning, not even sure where he is any more.

Chace is careful now, knowing he needs to cripple the powerful stud, and returns to work on that built back. Bennett's strength shows again in his resistance to Chace's assault, but his spine can only take so many Boston crabs and full-bodied stomps. Just when he thinks he's had the worst of it, the rookie's dragged to his feet, dazed and confused, then into the air, only to come crashing down onto Chase's waiting knee. It's a whole new kind of pain for Cal as he's slammed in multiple backbreakers, his abs abused while his spine spasms. Though this tough muscle hunk refuses again and again to submit, Chace is still far from done. The hellish smile grows on his face as he forces Bennett into the ropes, ties his arms, and exposes the rookie's vulnerable body.

The beating that follows is long and brutal, both men's bodies shine with sweat, and Chace can feel the bodybuilder breaking under his blows. Before the end Cal is all but begging for mercy from the savaging under Chace's new vicious streak. The match continues until the victor has decided to end it. The loser is tied, slammed, and tossed, finally left a wreck in the ring. A hanging sleeper finishes the job and sends a clear signal to the newcomer, it's not about size or strength, it's about pain. Classic Hunkbash. Classic BG East.

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