[Spank THIS] Fetishes & Beyond

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Description: These boys are going beyond the spanking fetish. In Fetishes and Beyond watch Marc Miles and Chase Harding debut a kinkier side of twink with leather and paddles in hand. This six scene spank adventure is sure to please and tease.
Marc Miles and Dustin Revees have quite a treat for you today. Dustin is wearing a sexy pair of turquoise panties. Marc, on the other hand, is wearing nothing but a pair of blue denim jeans and a leather strap across his chest. It would seem that Marc Miles accidentally stumbled across Dustin trying on different articles of feminine underwear. How embarrassing! But not to worry, Marc is ready to lay down the law in his leather harness. Watch as these two fetish-inclined twinks get in a kinky 69 position, where Marc takes advantage of his position to lick some asshole while Dusting gobbles on his cock. Afterwards, Dusting removes the panties and gets on all fours on the bed. Marc Miles steps behind him and pounds his asshole like it's going out of style. Both guys end the scene by spraying their loads on a big mirror.
Although both of these guys have lovely faces, the title isn't actually referring to that pair of cheeks. Today Chase Harding and Levi Shane came to Spank This and got themselves tangled in a hot sticky web of pain and pleasure. Chase is obviously the dominant one of the two; he's obsessed with getting his jock strap worshiped and does everything in his power to humiliate his tasty gay partner in crime. The scene develops thick and fast and before you know it, Levi has all of his back passage occupied by the meaty goodness of his abusive partner. With plenty of spanking and lots of hardcore sex, this is one scene any gay fetish enthusiast won't want to miss. So sit back, jock strap yourself in and get ready to see some of the hottest blends of pain and pleasure ever recorded.
Chase and Brody try their hand at spank.
Marc is at it again with his leather harness powering through this spank scene.
Michael fucks newbie Felix Martin after spanking his round bubble butt.
Brody West and Marc Miles flip flop with the spankings.

Cast:  Dustin Revees, Chase Harding, Brody West, Marc Miles, Levi Sane, Micheal Lee & Felix Marten
2011-02-15 21:08:50
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