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Wrestling - Rio Garza vs Jimmy Gee

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Rock, Paper, and ...

As a physical specimen, Rio Garza stands in the all-time top percentile of BG East talent. Some might argue he holds the topmost spot - and that is a position for which evidence can readily be found. The man is a god. He looks every bit the handsome prince from Disney fairy tales, head to toe, the face of Aladdin and the body of Tarzan. His is the sort of beauty that distracts competition and makes even jaded fans feel tingly "down there." He doesn't have to open his mouth, and we're ready to hang on every liltingly accented word. And his good looks come reinforced with hard muscle. There is nothing slack or slipshod about the man. So it's a bit of surprise when Jimmy Gee interrupts Garza's workout to critique the cut of the dark-haired beauty's nearly perfect thighs.

Having faced Kieran Dunne and Mike Columbo, Jimmy might be expected to know a thing or two about strength and fitness - to say nothing of his own jaw-dropping physique. Garza has height and weight on Jimmy, but in his own low-key yet self-assured manner he considers Gee's points politely and attentively. If Jimmy is trying to mess with Rio's head to get a rise out of the man, Rio is not so easily taken in. He knows his well-defined legs are at least the equals of Jimmy's, but he plays along, measuring thigh against thigh. But the two men see things differently, as might be expected, and each sees his own assets as the superior. To settle the issue, Jimmy proposes a test of both strength and endurance - a stop-watched contest to see who can break whom quicker in an applied scissors hold. Rio accepts the challenge, and the two set off for the mat room where the tension becomes palpable as both muscle hunks shake their thick quads in preparation for battle - and to psych out the opponent. Wrestling is, after all, mental as well as physical!

While definitely not the norm, this sort of challenge is not terribly unusual in underground wrestling. Unlike athletic contests that require judges to score performance from 0 to 10 or assign point values to every turn, escape, and reversal, at BG East controversies over strength, skill, and stamina are sometimes settled relatively simply, with few technicalities. It's a matter resolved by who squeals first - or, just as often, who's knocked out cold at the finish. Cutting out the middleman is the BG way. Two men settle things between themselves - in private - well, with a sound and camera crew in attendance. But pain doesn't require a rulebook to decide who's tougher. Bruises never lie.

to tap out loses! Rio's grip is stronger, wearing Jimmy down to the point that he can't sustain his hold, and Rio rolls free. 2-0.

If you thought these guys were going to settle their differences this nicely, you have another think coming. Jimmy, weakened but enraged by his humiliating defeats, kicks Rio's legs out from under him and attacks. Caught by surprise, Rio suffers (beautifully, by the way) and ultimately submits, but this is not enough for Jimmy. He grinds on, exerting crippling pressure on Rio's ribcage. When Rio at last gets loose, he is bent on revenge and punishes Jimmy, holding nothing back. He scissors the man's waist and rolls, pummeling him against the mat. Jimmy submits. Gentleman that he is, Rio releases him, but no fool he, Garza knows not to give a man like Gee the clean break that Gee is likely unwilling to return - and Garza decides it's time to take the dirty cheat out, once for all.

The cool, cruel power of Rio Garza is a wonder to behold in the latter part of this match. We always knew a tiger lurked beneath his virile Latin reserve. We just had no idea what giant claws the big cat has. In no time, big-mouthed Jimmy Gee is sweating buckets. Both men get stripped down to the barest of thongs, and the action turns really frenzied. At one point, Jimmy grabs his tights and tries to make a run for the door, but Rio tackles him, not satisfied with the spanking he has already given the arrogant blowhard. One-upmanship turns nasty - and Jimmy and Rio pull no punches in a climactic brawl that ends spectacularly with a figure-four choke that puts one of these men's lights clean out.
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