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♺ BADMASTERBOYS 13100-84 A Trip to Trier Part 2

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-02-17 |
Master Maxim and Masters Marcel and Roman are sat next to eachother and they whistle Helmut over for some foot-service. With tongue of course.

The Masters are in hysterics about HelmutÂ’s busted brow but still continue to make him lick their muddy soles regardless of his injury. But of course, to stop HelmutÂ’s mouth drying out Maxim offers a huge glob of saliva to lubricate the mud.

When the sneakers are kicked off and the socks come out, itÂ’s time for Helmut to inhale the rancid fumes of Master juice. The flecks of lint must be chewed and swallowed while the Masters make fun of him. Marcel asks Helmut how it smells. Helmut doesnÂ’t reply and this is met with a sharp, swift kick to the face. Marcel torments the poor slave by constantly foot-slapping his bald head while he is trying to concentrate on worshipping their feet.

After some more saliva directly into his mouth Master Maxim forces all five of the toes of one foot into Helmuts face. Poor HelmutÂ’s jaw is being prized open too far and the pain is immense. Maxim just laughs and keeps choking him.

Even Master Roman is enjoying foot-gagging the slave. The spit just keeps on coming and the pain doesnÂ’t ease up for Helmut. Marcel hawks up spit from what sounds like his bowels and it dribbles onto his foot. Everything must be eaten.

Soon HelmutÂ’s face has gone bright red with the violence and slapping. Master Marcel has been foot-slapping him constantly from the get go.

He is finally ordered to lie down on his back while Marcel and Ciko piss all over him. They empty their bladders over the poor abject slave. Humiliation at its worst.

As the boys indulge their toes with HelmutÂ’s mouth, spit on him and piss on him, the look of cruel dominance glimmers in their eyes the whole time. To them, Helmut is nothing but a piece of dirt on the floor.

As the Master Boys indulge their feet, making fun of the slave, spit into his mouth and finally vollpissen, flashes in her eyes all her dominance and her desire to humiliate the victim and torment. Helmut slave in the dirt and on the ground - just do the Master Boys see their sacrifice.
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