The Dark Side DVD9

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Falcon Video Pac 142.  Did not see the DVD posted.  If it a repost, my bad.
My goodness. This flick is as about as wild as you can imagine, particularly for Falcon -- and I loved every minute of the debauchery. I believe director Kris Weston is one twisted puppy (in other words, he's my kind of guy). You see, "The Dark Side" is all about those things you should never fantasize about, like incest or clergy or rape.
Our central figures throughout: Adam Wolfe and Johnny Brosnan. Adam, looking fetching in leather pants, boots and leather armband, and Johnny, looking handsome as always, tied to a chair and blindfolded. The opening sequence is lit to the hilt and it looks as though both Adam and Johnny have spent a great deal of time at the gym preparing for this flick, both have gained a noticeable amount of muscle mass, especially Adam. Anyway, Adam is the tough-talking captor and feeds various fantasies to Johnny. Noticing a cross necklace, he asks if he has ever had any fantasies involving a man of the cloth ...
The fantasy is realized in a scene with Justin Dragon and Lindon Hawk. Justin is a tall brunet with a goatee and thoroughly-modern sideburns. Lindon is a tanned brunet who truly looks like he could have been an altar boy when he was younger, which is to say he is cute and irresistible. Justin, dressed in a black cassock and white clerical collar, counsels young Lindon in a confessional booth. Soon enough, Justin has lifted up his robe and his large penis is already fully erect, so he offers it, through the opening in the confessional wall, to an already crouched down Lindon. Lindon does an excellent job of penance here, slurping and gobbling the holy staff with absolute conviction for the sin he is committing. Justin then rims Lindon's pert little butt, fingering the hole a bit before fucking him through the opening. Lindon maintains a rock-hard erection throughout the brisk ramming and then Justin explodes a major load, exits the confessional, and a guilt ridden Lindon's jerks himself off to an exceptional climax right there on the floor of the confessional. Dirty boy!

The next forbidden fruit explored is that of young scouts (Josh Harting, Tommy Brandt, Jacob Hall, Jeremy Jordan and Brendan Falke). Five randy young men (two blonds, Tommy and Jeremy, and three brunets, Josh, Brendan and Jacob) file into a room and one by one take off their uniforms and suck each other's dicks. This is an orgy of sorts with all the guys sucking cock in various combinations and then Tommy and Jeremy getting fucked. Josh really fucks the daylights out of Jeremy in a variety of effective positions, while Jacob (with the scene's longest dong) and Brendan (with its thickest dong) drill into Tommy's round tush. Tommy is my absolute favorite blond boy-toy these days -- he has an incredible body, nice full lips and an ass that won't quit. In the end, all the guys gather 'round to blow their loads.

And you thought HBO's "Six Feet Under" was peculiar. Get this, Jason Tyler, grieving over his boyfriend's dead body at the morgue, pulls back the white sheet covering the body and starts giving the corpse head. Well, unlike the zombies in horror flicks, this dead man can dance, and, apparently, fuck. Jason's miraculous efforts breathe new life into his dead beau, and before you can say "R.I.P.," Josh is erect and full of life. Josh Weston is a one of those guys with a perfect body, perfect cock and an unstoppable sex drive. No wonder Jason was grieving. They fall into a 69 and then Jason straddles Josh's body and rides that hard dick like there's no tomorrow -- which, in this case, is true! They both deliver stunning cum-shots and Josh goes back to porn purgatory.

Incest between a father and his son is the next no-no, with Race Jensen as the yummy father, and Derek Cameron as the horny son. Race Jensen, as you old porn fiends know, made a few flicks for Falcon back in the 80s. Well, he has been taking good care of himself in the years since as he makes for a most handsome daddy. He doesn't look like the old Race, though. His body looks amazing -- he has muscles galore, zero body fat, a deep tan, and looks much different than before, but that big dick of his is the same as it ever was! Pretty boy Derek, who always looks great, drops to his knees to service daddy's big fucking cock (mom's out running errands), and daddy then takes his boy's mouth-size prick in his jaws during a 69 atop the kitchen table (both father and son take turns licking each other's holes during this sequence). Race then really gives a good rimming to Derek, bends him over the table for a solid fuck (excellent camera angles capture the in-and-out very well), and then Derek straddles Race for a sit-fuck (that table sure is sturdy). Race's cum lands on Derek's neck and Derek tosses his load all over his tummy.

Adam has gotten Johnny all worked up with his stories, so Adam asks Johnny to tell him what his secret fantasy is and he will make it come true. Johnny says he wants to be overpowered and raped -- and tough-guy Adam is just the man to give him what he wants. Adam smacks Johnny around, rips his jeans off, eats his ass (nice hairy crack), face-fucks him with that long dick of his, finger-fucks him and then harshly fucks him on a big black mat on the floor. Adam is a great dirty-talker, and here he really lays it on thick as he's fucking Johnny from behind. He then flips him over and dives in for a pounding missionary-screw. They cum simultaneously, covering themselves, and the black mat, with goo.
Starring Justin Dragon, Josh Weston, Josh Harting, Tommy Brandt, Jason Tyler, Lindon Hawk, Johnny Brosnan, Jeremy Jordan, Derek Cameron, Adam Wolfe, Jacob Hall, Brendan Falke and Race Jensen.

Directed by Kris Weston.
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