Suck it Up

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DescriptionCast:  Cameron Marshall, Cort Donovan, Tyler Saint, Nathan Sommers, Erik West, J.T. Ross, Jude Collin, Riley Burke, Turk Mason, Wolf Hudson

Director:  Chi Chi LaRue

Editor:  C.H.

Videographer:  Adam Killian, Brad Austin

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Year: 2007

Studio :  Channel 1 Releasing, Rascal Video

"Legendary director Chi Chi LaRue gets down 'n dirty in a busy warehouse for this explosive all-oral orgy suck-fest!

At a busy industrial warehouse studly Turk Mason twists his ankle on the job. After being lectured by tough-as-nails supervisor Tyler Saint to "suck it up," it takes the oral talents of handsome Cameron Marshall to give him some much-needed relief. After rubbing TurkĀfs hurt foot for a few minutes Cameron moves him hands closer to TurkĀfs crotch triggering these two horny studs to strip off their sweaty uniforms and grope each other.

Cameron wildly laps at TurkĀfs throbbing cock and balls causing Turk to get down on his knees and slide CameronĀfs hard tool down his throat. After some superb face-fucking Cameron sits on the pretty brunetteĀfs face allowing him to lick his hairy asshole clean. The boys switch positions and Cameron digs his eager tongue deep into TurkĀfs smooth plump ass. Unable to hold back his excitement Cameron spews a creamy load all over TurkĀfs six-pack, which causes Turk to also shoot a stream of milky cum onto his hairless stomach.

In another part of the warehouse, handsome Riley Burke is checking out Jude CollinĀfs luscious butt as heĀfs bending over a ladder. Catching sight of RileyĀfs obvious interest Jude pulls his jeans down and tells him to "go for it." Wasting no time Riley spreads JudeĀfs juicy cheeks apart and begins licking his hairy asshole feverishly. Jude then has Riley feast on the big inches of man meat between his legs. Riley hungrily devours every inch of his huge cock, occasionally allowing Jude to suck himself as he takes a breath.

After some reciprocal blowing Jude gets on his back and begins to suck himself while Riley chows down on his hairy asshole. This sizzling scene ends with Jude shooting a huge load of warm cum all over his own face and then Riley bathing JudeĀfs hairy hole with a gooey mess of his man juice - that he happily licks off after theyĀfre done.

In the warehouseĀfs main shipping area sexy Nathan Sommers busily processes a major order for the boss. He is suddenly distracted by the gorgeous Cort Donovan who is stocking shelves high atop a ladder. Realizing that they are completely alone, Nathan walks over to Cort and begins licking at the growing bulge in CortĀfs pants. Cort releases his huge cock and excitingly shoves it down NathanĀfs eager throat. After face-fucking the pretty twink Cort climbs down the ladder and they start making out.

Just then stunning Erik West walks in on them, but instead of blowing the whistle on his sexy co-workers he gladly joins in. Nathan and Erik take turns sucking on CortĀfs massive cock. The three horny studs ferociously suck each otherĀfs oversized members until gorgeous Cameron innocently walks by and catches sight of their sizzling oral threeway. Extremely turned on by their amazing cock-sucking skills, Cameron whips out his dick and strokes it while watching them go at it. Noticing CameronĀfs growing sexual frustration, Cort struts over to the sex-starved pup and feverishly works his lips around his throbbing piece of man meat.

As they all lick, lap, spit and suck each other into a wild sexual frenzy, their muscular supervisor Tyler Saint and two of their fellow co-workers (Wolf Hudson and J.T. Ross) walk in on them. However, it isnĀft long before Tyler gets on his knees and masterfully works his lips around Wolf and then J.T.Āfs lengthy shafts. Wolf then impresses the entire group as he devours both Cort and CameronĀfs cocks at the same time.

The action comes to a boiling point when all seven studs climb onto a huge working table and take turns sucking and slurping at each otherĀfs dripping wet dicks, as well as eating each otherĀfs tight holes. This mind-blowing all-oral orgy comes to an explosive end as Tyler is surrounded by his horny workers and one-by-one they shoot a warm stream of cum all over his sweaty muscular body. Tyler returns the favor by spewing his own creamy load onto NathanĀfs pretty face."
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