Chi Chi Larue Read for More

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DescriptionA strong cast heads this well-executed Chi Chi LaRue-helmed porn that narrowly avoids becoming too dialogue-heavy for its own good.

The credits roll over a tabletop with a photo frame displaying the video's stars, an old 45rpm record and two dollars twenty-five cents. The relevance of these is never explained. (Maybe they were unsold items from the set director’s garage sale. In addition, there's also the issue of the model's "acting" - it’s not bad, it’s just so badly mumbled you’d think that the sound guy was in a K Hole.

I may have missed the finer points of Ready for More’s plot, but Little Brother (Lindon Hawk) is visiting Bigger Brother (Colby Taylor) awaiting the arrival of a potential shag. They reminisce about their friends and sexcapades.

Flashback to Chad Hunt (seen wearing specs in a pic but not in the video) asleep in a bed being sneakily uncovered by Little Brother. Before too long we get the usual porn conceit of a sleeping man getting a bj turned on it’s head in a Scream-inspired bit of post-modernism: Chad admits he only pretended to be asleep during it – they only really sleep in “cheesy Chi Chi LaRue porno movies.” Wow, that messes with my mind. Not that Little Brother gave a shit anyway, Chad’s donger is so big he spends half the time struggling to get it in his mouth and the rest admiring his handiwork in a conveniently located mirror. Luckily he’s also been anally typing so when Chad awakes, groggy, he’s spared too much foreplay. “See how much of my cock you can sit on,” Chad commands, whilst waving his industrial-sized appendage. Sounds like a dare to me.

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