ChaosMen - Zac Snow, Zario Travezz RAW

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We find the two making out on the bed before Zac pulls Zario’s dick out of his shorts and starts stroking.

Zario steps off the bed for a moment to pull off his shorts completely, then he climbs back onto the bed and lays back against the headboard so Zac can start sucking his cock.

Zario is an ass man, so he’s almost instantly reaching down into Zac’s shorts, massaging and squeezing Zac’s ass while Zac throats and sucks Zario’s dick.

Zario slides Zac Snow’s shorts down further and continues to play with Zac’s ass for the camera, rubbing Zac’s cheeks and fingering Zac’s hole as Zac continues to work Zario’s cock.

Zario lays back on the bed and Zac climbs aboard in a modified 69-position so that Zac can see-throat Zario’s cock while Zario eats and tongue-fucks Zac’s hungry hole.

Zac Snow spins around onto all-fours and Zario continues to tongue-fuck Zac’s ass, getting it fully wet and ready to accommodate his hard dick. Zario slowly slides every inch of his cock into Zac’s hole as Zac moans with pleasure. Zario mercilessly grinds deeper and deeper into Zac’s ass, pulls out, and then gets to work pounding his hole.

Zario Travezz lays back against the bed and Zac climbs into a cowboy position. Zac bounces and rides on Zario’s cock. We get some great shots of Zario’s dick sliding in and out of Zac’s ass as Zario takes over.

Zac Snow lays on his back on the bed and Zario continues to pound Zac’s hole with one of Zac’s legs up over Zario’s shoulder. Zac strokes his cock and exclaims that Zario is going to make him cum, so Zario starts pounding harder and deeper as Zac shoots his load.

Zario Travezz pulls out and strokes his own impressive load all over Zac’s stomach before shoving his dick back into Zac’s hole as the two share a kiss.
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